Mysterious Song Contest 6


Mysterious Song Contest

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Herning, Denmark Denmark


Jyske Bank Boxen


Latvia Latvia


China China
France France
Ireland Ireland
Israel Israel
Japan Japan
Latvia Latvia
Palestine Palestine
Switzerland Switzerland


Netherlands Netherlands


Canada Canada
Germany Germany
Peru Peru
Slovenia Slovenia
Spain Spain
Ukraine Ukraine


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Mysterious Song Contest 6 has a participation grid of 25 countries all over Europe, The America's, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

Flag of Denmark

Denmark won Mysterious Song Contest 5, and therefore they will host the 6th edition of the contest.

It was decided that the Contest were to be held at Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, Denmark.

National SelectionsEdit

As of February 4th, no National Selections have been announced.


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Morocco Morocco Samira Said Bel Salama 18 23
02 Denmark Denmark Medina You and I 07 71
03 China China Show Luo Fantasy 19 18
04 Greece Greece Devotion Heart Made Of Glass 20 18
05 Finland Finland Cristal Snow Can't Save Me 09 52
06 South Korea South Korea T-ara Do You Know Me 08 66
07 France France Mylene Farmer Blue Noir 13 41
08 Japan Japan May'n ViViD 16 36
09 Netherlands Netherlands T-Spoon Sex On The Beach 10 48
10 Sweden Sweden Tadika You Learn 04 79
11 Croatia Croatia Tonči Huljić & Madre Badessa Ja San Rojen Da Mi Bude Lipo DSQ DSQ
12 USA United States Imagine Dragons Demons 02 96
13 Latvia Latvia Markus Riva Lights On 01 109
14 Palestine Palestine Noa & Mira Awad Second Chance DSQ DSQ
15 Australia Australia Iggy Azaela Change Your Life 11 44
16 Switzerland Switzerland TinkaBelle Follow Your Heart 03 84
17 Hungary Hungary Gájer Bálint Elmaradt Pillanatok 15 37
18 Portugal Portugal Nonstop Ao Limite Eu Vou DSQ DSQ
19 Andorra Andorra Enrique Iglesias Bailando 12 42
20 United Kingdom United Kingdom Gary Barlow ft Agneta Faltskog I Should Have Followed You Home 06 77
21 Israel Israel Adam Ad 21 11
22 United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands Kelly Clarkson Dark Side DSQ DSQ
23 South Africa South Africa Adam Kastell 14 41
24 Ireland Ireland KT Tunstall Suddenly I See 05 78
25 Russia Russia Peter Nalitch Guitar 17 36


Voting results
Morocco Denmark China Greece Finland South Korea France Japan Netherlands Sweden Croatia USA Latvia Palestine Australia Switzerland Hungary Portugal Andorra United Kingdom Israel USVI South Africa Ireland Russia Total
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