Mysterious Song Contest 25
Inner Desire
MSC -25 Theme
Semi-finals dates 26/27th October 2015
Final dates 08 November 2015
Venue Teresa Carreño Theater
Presenter(s) Marjorie De Sousa
Lele Pons
Gaby Espino
Director Llemian Faregoer
Executive supervisor Llemian Faregoer
Host Venevisión Venezuela Venezuela
Opening act Aldrey
Number of entries 38
Debuting countries Argentina Argentina
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Jamaica Jamaica
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Returning countries Albania Albania
Armenia Armenia
Austria Austria
Belgium Belgium
Brazil Brazil
Croatia Croatia
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Denmark Denmark
Iran Iran
Israel Israel
Mexico Mexico
Netherlands Netherlands
Norway Norway
Philippines Philippines
Poland Poland
Russia Russia
South Korea South Korea
Ukraine Ukraine
Withdrawing countries France France
Greece Greece
Namibia Namibia
New Zealand New Zealand
Slovenia Slovenia
Voting system Each country awarded 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs.
Winning song TBA
Mysterious Song Contest
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Mysterious Song Contest welcomes the world to Venezuela Venezuela for the 25th Edition.

The Mysterious Song Contest #25 will be the 25th edition of the annual Mysterious Song Contest. It will take place in the Teresa Carreño Theater, located in Caracas, Venezuela Venezuela, following the country's victory at the 24th edition with Aldrey performing "Mirate". This will be the first time the city hosts the event.

The contest is scheduled to consist of 2 semi finals and finally the grand final, with unofficial dates for the semi finals being 26th October 2015 and the grand final being 08th November 2015. As of 17th October 2015, 38 countries have announced their participation in the contest, this is the biggest number of participant competing in Mysterious Song Contest since edition #23 where 31 countries took part.


Venevisión Venezuela Venezuela, announced on 15th October 2015 that their first choice as host arena for the Contest was the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas. However other cities and arenas were still able to apply. After Venezuela Venezuela's win in Ljubljana, those making a bid had approximately three days to submit their offer to Venevisión.

The Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas, which has a capacity of approximately 2,900 attendees, was announced as the host venue on 18th October 2015. This will be the Arena's first hosting of the contest.



On 18th October 2015, Venevisión announced that Marjorie De Sousa and Lele Pons will be the host/s of the 25th contest. Gaby Espino will host in the Green Room.

MSC -25 presenters


The competition will consist of two semi-finals and a final, a format which has been rarely used in the contest. The 11 countries with the highest scores in each semi-final will qualify to the grand final where they will join the top 3 countries from the previous edition Egypt Egypt, Sweden Sweden and the host nation Venezuela Venezuela .

Each participating country had their own national jury/HoD. Each member of a respective nation's jury is required to rank every song, except that of their own country, to produce an overall ranking from first to last place. The song which scored the highest overall rank received 12 points, while the tenth-best ranked song received 1 point.


The following countries have confirmed their participation into the contest.

MSC -25 Participation Map

Table key

     Participating Countries
     Withdrawing Countries

Returning ArtistsEdit

We welcome back some artists who have previous joined us in MSC.

Semi-final allocation drawEdit

The draw that determined the semi-final allocation was held on 25th October 2015. The participating countries, excluding the automatic finalists Egypt Egypt, Sweden Sweden and Venezuela Venezuela. The countries were split into two pots which would either be semi final 1 or semi final 2. Then a random generator was used to allocate countries into the running order. The results were as follows:

PP Page

It was decided that Venezuela Venezuela and Sweden Sweden would vote in semi final #01 and for Egypt Egypt to vote in semi final #02. This was to assure to make the results fair and even for all participants in the edition.

Semi Final 1Edit

18 Countries are participating in this Semi Final with Venezuela Venezuela and Sweden Sweden voting as 2 of the 3 automatic qualifiers of this edition. The top 11 countries that score the highest number of points will qualify to the grand final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Armenia

Semi Final 2Edit

17 Countries are participating in this Semi Final with Egypt Egypt voting as 1 of the 3 automatic qualifier of this edition. The top 11 countries that score the highest number of points will qualify to the grand final

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
03 Poland Sylwia Grzeszczak Tamta Dziewczyna

Grand FinalEdit

25 Countries will create the grand final. 11 from Semi Final 1, 11 from Semi Final 2 and Venezuela Venezuela, Egypt Egypt and Sweden Sweden

The draw on Venezuela Venezuela, Egypt Egypt and Sweden Swedens position in the running order was done prior to the Semi Finals.

This was the running order for the Grand Final

MSC -25 GF Running Order
Draw Country Artist Song Place Points


Below is a summary of the maximum 12 points each country awarded to another in the final:

N. Country Nations Scoring 12 points

Voting & SpokespeopleEdit

This is the order of how the votes were released and the spokesperson from each country

01.Armenia Armenia Silva Hakobyan (An Armenian singer)
02.Norway Norway Thomas Liden (A Norwegian model)
03.Romania Romania Daniela Crudu (A Romanian model)
04.Venezuela Venezuela Marger Sealey (A Venezuelan singer, songwriter, and actress)
05.Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Amelia Vega (a Dominican singer, charity worker and beauty queen)
06.USA United States Rachel Plattern (An American singer and songwriter)
07.Philippines Philippines Gerphil-Geraldine Flores (A Filipino-German singer)
08.Israel Israel Harel Skaat (An Israeli singer and songwriter)
09.Russia Russia Sergey Lazarev (A Russian singer, dancer and actor)
10.Czech Republic Czech Republic Ewa Farna (A Polish-Czech pop-rock singer)
11.Lithuania Lithuania Marius Jampolskis (A Lithuanian actor and TV host)
12.Australia Australia Kasey Chambers (An Australian country singer-songwriter)
13.Italy Italy Laura Pausini (An Italian pop singer-songwriter and record producer)
14.South Korea South Korea Dami Im (A Korean-Australian singer and songwriter)
15.Belgium Belgium Peter Van de Veire (a well-known Belgian radio personality)
16.Morocco Morocco Mona Amarsha (A Moroccan singer)
17.Egypt Egypt Khaled Selim (A Egyptian singer)
18.Finland Finland Tarja Turunen (A Finnish singer-songwriter)
19.Poland Poland Lukas Josef Podolski (A Polish born German footballer)
20.Brazil Brazil Paolla Oliveira (a Brazilian television and film actress)
21.Sweden Sweden Tove Lo (A Swedish singer and songwriter)
22.Denmark Denmark Tomas N'evergreen (A Danish pop singer)
23.Albania Albania Inva Mula (An Albanian opera lyric soprano and Actress)
24.Taiwan Taiwan Godfrey Gao (A Taiwanese-born Canadian model and actor)
25.Iran Iran Ramin Karimloo (An Iranian-Canadian actor and singer)
26.Japan Japan Perfume (A Japanese pop girl group)
27.Jamaica Jamaica Usain Bolt (A Jamaican sprinter)
28.Hungary Hungary Barbara Palvin (A Hungarian fashion model and actress)
29.Netherlands Netherlands Martin Garrix (A Dutch DJ, composer, musician and record producer
30.Ukraine Ukraine Maria Efrosinina (A Ukrainian television host)
31.Germany Germany Andreas Bourani (A German singer-songwriter)
32.United Kingdom UK Alan Carr (An English comedian and television personality)
33.Mexico Mexico Lupita Nyong'o (A Mexican-Kenyan actress and film director)
34.Switzerland Switzerland Roger Federer (A Swiss professional tennis player)
35.Argentina Argentina Facundo Gambandé (An Argentine actor and singer)
36.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Alan Buribayev (A Kazakh conductor)
37.Croatia Croatia Alen Halilović (A Croatian professional footballer)
38.Austria Austria Cornelia Mooswalder (An Austrian singer)

Voting GridEdit

This is how the votes were scored in each Semi Final.

     Voter was replaced

Here is how the world voted in the grand final.

     Voter was replaced
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