Mysterious Song Contest 24
True Harmony
MSC -24 Theme
Final dates 4th october 2015
Venue Stožice Arena
Presenter(s) Tanja Zagar
Klemen Slakonja
Neisha Molina
Director Llemian Faregoer
Executive supervisor Llemian Faregoer
Host Radiotelevizija Slovenija Slovenia Slovenia
Opening act Maraaya
"Lovin' Me"
Number of entries 21
Debuting countries Namibia Namibia
Returning countries Australia Australia
Morocco Morocco
Romania Romania
Withdrawing countries Aland Islands Åland Islands
Austria Austria
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Belgium Belgium
Canada Canada
Denmark Denmark
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
Moldova Moldova
Netherlands Netherlands
Norway Norway
Portugal Portugal
Russia Russia
Seychelles Seychelles
Vietnam Vietnam
Voting system Each country awarded 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs.
Winning song Venezuela Venezuela
Mysterious Song Contest
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Mysterious Song Contest welcomes the world to Slovenia Slovenia for the 24th Edition.

The Mysterious Song Contest #24 will be the 24th edition of the annual Mysterious Song Contest. It will take place in the Stožice Arena, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia, following the country's victory at the 23rd edition with Maraaya performing "Lovin' Me". This will be the first time the city and country has hosted the event.

The contest is scheduled to consist of a grand final, with an unofficial date for the grand final being 30th September 2015. As of 27th September 2015, 21 countries have announced their participation in the contest.


Radiotelevizija Slovenija Slovenia Slovenia, announced on 18th September 2015 that their first choice as host arena for the Contest was the Stožice Arena in Ljubljana. However other cities and arenas were still able to apply. After Slovenia Slovenia's win in Moscow, those making a bid had approximately three days to submit their offer to Radiotelevizija Slovenija.

The Stožice Arena in Ljubljana, which has a capacity of approximately 14,500 attendees, was announced as the host venue on 19th September 2015. This will be the Arena's first hosting of the contest.


On the 19th September 2015, Radiotelevizija Slovenija announced that Tanja Zagar and Klemen Slakonja will be the hosts of the 24th contest. Neisha Molina will host in the Green Room.

MSC -24 Hosts


The competition will consist of a final, each participating country had their own national jury/HoD. Each member of a respective nation's jury is required to rank every song, except that of their own country, to produce an overall ranking from first to last place. The song which scored the highest overall rank received 12 points, while the tenth-best ranked song received 1 point.


The following countries have confirmed their participation into the contest.

MSC -24 Participation Map2

Table key

     Participating Countries
     Withdrawing Countries

Returning ArtistsEdit

We welcome back some artists who have previous joined us in MSC.

Grand FinalEdit

MSC -24 Running Order2

21 Countries will create the grand final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Hungary Hungary Antal Timi Ne Varj 07 071
02 Greece Greece Apostolia Zoi Alli San Emena 13 051
03 Lithuania Lithuania Vaida Genytė Vaivorykštės 16 034
04 Egypt Egypt Myra Sky Hurricane 02 107
05 Namibia Namibia Elvis Se Seun Wil Jy In My Arms Lê Vanaand 11 062
06 Slovenia Slovenia Manca Špik Tukaj Sem Doma 09 067
07 Germany Germany Lena Wild & Free 05 094
08 Sweden Sweden Loreen I'm In It With You 03 101
09 USA United States Kelly Clarkson Invincible 04 094
10 Taiwan Taiwan Anthony Neely Wake Up 15 044
11 Finland Finland Poets Of The Fall Choice Millionaire 18 033
12 Australia Australia Eric Bogle The Band Played Waltzing Matilda 19 026
13 Italy Italy Francesca Michielin Se Cedrai 10 065
14 New Zealand New Zealand Front Row Chorus Purea Nei 21 004
15 Romania Romania Lariss Epana 06 093
16 Switzerland Switzerland Nickless Looking for Your Love 08 067
17 Venezuela Venezuela Aldrey Mirate 01 111
18 Morocco Morocco Samira SAid Shofu Shofu 20 017
19 Japan Japan Perfume One Room Disoc 17 033
20 France France Florent Mothe, Zaho, Camille Lou, Fabien Incardona & Charlie Boisseau Il Est Temps 14 049
21 United Kingdom UK Two Steps From Hell feat. Merethe Soltvedt Compass 12 053

Voting GridEdit

Here is how the world voted in the grand final.

     Voter was replaced
MSc -24 Results
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