Mysterious Song Contest 16


Mysterious Song Contest

Edition no.





Bamako, Mali


New Zealand New Zealand


Gibraltar Gibraltar
Tajikistan Tajikistan


Australia Australia
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
France France
Germany Germany
Iran Iran
Lithuania Lithuania
Netherlands Netherlands
New Zealand New Zealand
Norway Norway
South Africa South Africa
South Korea South Korea
United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands


Bulgaria Bulgaria
Cyprus Cyprus
Indonesia Indonesia
Lebanon Lebanon
Poland Poland
Spain Spain


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Mysterious Song Contest 16 has a 28 participating countries all over the world.

Mali Mali won Mysterious Song Contest 15, and therefore hosts in the city of Bamko


Returning ArtistsEdit

  • Morocco Morocco -  Samira Said [#5 & #6, #8 to #15]
  • Sweden Sweden  - Charlotte Perreli [#09]

The Girls The Boys The Over 25s The Groups
Finland Finland
Germany Germany
Iran Iran
New Zealand New Zealand
Norway Norway
Tajikistan Tajikistan
United Kingdom UK
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
France France
Gibraltar Gibraltar
Israel Israel
Malta Malta
South Africa South Africa
Switzerland Switzerland
Aland Islands Åland Islands
Hungary Hungary
Lithuania Lithuania
Morocco Morocco
Sweden Sweden
USA United States
United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands
Australia Australia
Denmark Denmark
Greece Greece
Mali Mali
Netherlands Netherlands
South Korea South Korea
Ukraine Ukraine


  • DNQ denotes that the country failed to qualify into the Grand Final.
Country Artist Song Group Stage Group Score World Score Grand Final Position Overall Score
Aland Islands Åland Islands Charlotte Perrelli The Girl The Over 25s 21 94 DNQ DNQ DNQ
Australia Australia Sheppard Geronimo The Groups 31 N/A 10 03 149
Denmark Denmark World of Girls Summer Without You The Groups 27 98 05 11 119
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Beinir Sapublodran The Boys 07 29 DNQ DNQ DNQ
Finland Finland Mitra Kukka Kaipaa Valoa The Girls 23 75 DNQ DNQ DNQ
France France David Carreira Rien A Envier The Boys 21 98 DNQ DNQ DNQ
Germany Germany Lena Mama Told Me The Over 25s 15 48 DNQ DNQ DNQ
Gibraltar Gibraltar Kwabs Walk The Boys 26 N/A 09 04 142
Greece Greece Tamta ft Xenia Ghali Gennithika Gia Sena The Groups 21 96 02 10 121
Hungary Hungary Akos Igazan The Over 25s 17 69 DNQ DNQ DNQ
Iran Iran Janet Leon Hollow The Girls 22 100 12 12 114
Israel Israel Chan Araroni Or The Boys 25 98 01 09 125
Lithuania Lithuania Karina Krysko Jausmu Labirinte The Over 25s 28 N/A 07 05 141
Mali Mali Amadou & Mariam Masiteladi The Groups 06 42 DNQ DNQ DNQ
Malta Malta Franklin Calleja Love Will Take Me Home The Boys 22 73 DNQ DNQ DNQ
Morocco Morocco Samira Said Ma Khalas The Over 25s 08 42 DNQ DNQ DNQ
Netherlands Netherlands O'G3NE Magic The Groups 18 88 DNQ DNQ DNQ
New Zealand New Zealand Jackie Thomas It's Worth It The Girls 18 113 11 01 165
Norway Norway Raylee Wish For You The Girls 27 N/A 04 08 126
South Africa South Africa Daniel Baron Different Feeling The Boys 24 95 DNQ DNQ DNQ
South Korea South Korea Red Velvet Happiness The Groups 24 83 DNQ DNQ DNQ
Sweden Sweden Bosson I Believe The Over 25s 26 111 08 06 140
Switzerland Switzerland Lucca Hanni Only One You The Boys 22 111 06 08 127
Tajikistan Tajikistan Zulaykho Zuzu The Girls 18 60 DNQ DNQ DNQ
Ukraine Ukraine Double Smile Omriyana Zemlya The Groups 19 81 DNQ DNQ DNQ
United Kingdom UK Pixie Lott All About Tonight The Girls 24 80 DNQ DNQ DNQ
USA United States Gavin DeGraw Fire The Over 25s 24 106 03 02 155
United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands P!nk Try The Over 25s 23 94 DNQ DNQ DNQ
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