Mysterious Song Contest 13


Mysterious Song Contest

Edition no.





Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands


Brazil Brazil




Algeria Algeria
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Belgium Belgium
Brazil Brazil
Canada Canada
India India
Malta Malta
Marshall Islands Marshall Islands
New Zealand New Zealand
Russia Russia
Palestine Palestine
Slovakia Slovakia
Spain Spain
United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands


Denmark Denmark
Italy Italy
Japan Japan
South Korea South Korea
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago


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Mysterious Song Contest 13 has 28 participating countries from all over the world.

Netherlands Netherlands won Mysterious Song Contest 12 and will host in the capital city of Amsterdam.


Country Artist Song
Algeria Algeria Zaho Assassine
Australia Australia Jessica Mauboy Can I Get A Moment
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Arash ft Rebecca Temptation
Belgium Belgium Tom Dice Out At Sea
Brazil Brazil Elaine Martins Santificação
Canada Canada Cory Lee Shot To My Heart
Finland Finland Jonna Tervomaa Minä Toivon
Germany Germany Some & Any Last Man Standing
Greece Greece Marina & The Diamonds Froot
Hungary Hungary Tibor Kocsis Lásd A Csodát
India India Priyanka Chopra I Can't Make You Love Me
Ireland Ireland Sara Evans A Little bit Stronger
Israel Israel Harel Skaat Away
Malta Malta Jessika Fandango
Marshall Islands Marshall Islands Maroon 5 Animals
Morocco Morocco Samira Said Mestahmelak Ana
Netherlands Netherlands Miss Montreal Say Heaven, Say Hell
New Zealand New Zealand Benny Tipene Walking On Water
Norway Norway Tone Damli Winner Of A Losing Game
Russia Russia Regina Spekor The Call
Palestine Palestine Sarit Hadad Bachom Shel Tel Aviv
Slovakia Slovakia TWiiNS ft Flo Rida One Night Stand
South Africa South Africa Liza Bronner Jy Het My Gevind
Spain Spain Ruth Lorenzo Gigantes
Sweden Sweden Europe Superstitious
United Kingdom UK Gorgon City ft Laura Welsh Here For You
USA United States Victoria Justice Beggin' On Your Knees
United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands Lana Del Rey This Is What Makes Us Girls


Draw Country Place Points 
01 Belgium Belgium 16 54
02 Marshall Islands Marshall Islands 11 64
03 Canada Canada 02 96
04 India India 19 47
05 Algeria Algeria 20 46
06 Germany Germany 06 81
07 Russia Russia 18 51
08 Finland Finland 15 55
09 New Zealand New Zealand 07 75
10 Ireland Ireland 12 58
11 Hungary Hungary 05 83
12 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 04 92
13 United Kingdom United Kingdom 25 26
14 Greece Greece 14 57
15 Brazil Brazil 01 133
16 Norway Norway 03 93
17 Malta Malta 21 42
18 USA United States 10 70
19 Netherlands Netherlands 09 71
20 United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands 28 011
21 South Africa South Africa 23 32
22 Spain Spain 13 58
23 Sweden Sweden 22 38
24 Slovakia Slovakia 17 54
25 Israel Israel 27 14
26 Australia Australia 08 73
27 Palestine Palestine 26 19
28 Morocco Morocco 24 31
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