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January 15, 2014


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Mysterious Song Contest

Current State

Mysterious Song Contest 25 confirmation.

Mysterious Song Contest (Abbrev.: MSC) was created on January the 15th 2014. The contest is currently hosted by Dapturner.

For the actual UserScore check: The UserScore Page: [1]

Rules Edit

  • You can choose any country from the world.
  • You can't send JESC/ESC Songs.
  • Voting in ESC style.
  • Non-voting is 1 strike. 3 strikes: Ban for 1 edition

National Selection RulesEdit

  • Poll, recap or open voting.
  • Can only be performed for the edition after the running edition.


Participating CountriesEdit

Here is a list of all the countries which have participated in MSC to date, along with the editions each country made their debut in.

Bold indicates a winning debut nation.

Edition Countries listed along with their debut edition
1 Andorra Andorra Australia Australia Brazil Brazil Croatia Croatia Morocco Morocco Netherlands Netherlands Norway Norway Poland Poland Portugal Portugal South Korea South Korea Spain Spain Sweden Sweden United Kingdom UK USA United States
2 N/A
3 Colombia Colombia Russia Russia
4 Finland Finland Greece Greece Hungary Hungary Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan North Macedonia North Macedonia Puerto Rico Puerto Rico South Africa South Africa Ukraine Ukraine
5 Canada Canada Denmark Denmark Germany Germany Peru Peru Slovenia Slovenia United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands
6 China China France France Ireland Ireland Israel Israel Japan Japan Latvia Latvia Palestine Palestine Switzerland Switzerland
7 Aland Islands Åland Islands Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Bolivia Bolivia Czech Republic Czech Republic Estonia Estonia Iran Iran Italy Italy Marshall Islands Marshall Islands San Marino San MarinoTurkey Turkey
8 Algeria Algeria Armenia Armenia Cyprus Cyprus Haiti2-icon Haiti Lebanon Lebanon Romania Romania Singapore Singapore
9 Albania Albania Austria Austria Belarus Belarus Belgium Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina Bulgaria Bulgaria Georgia Georgia Iceland Iceland Lithuania Lithuania Luxembourg Luxembourg Malta Malta Moldova Moldova Monaco Monaco Montenegro Montenegro Serbia Serbia Slovakia Slovakia
10 Virgin Islands British British Virgin Islands Philippines Philippines
11 India India French Polynesia flag French Polynesia New Zealand New Zealand Nigeria Nigeria
12 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago
13 N/A
14 Afghanistan Afghanistan Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Greenland Greenland Pakistan Pakistan
15 Indonesia Indonesia Mali Mali
16 Gibraltar Gibraltar Tajikistan Tajikistan
17 Nepal Nepal Vanuatu Vanuatu Venezuela Venezuela
18 North Korea North Korea
19 Fiji Fiji Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Paraguay Paraguay
20 Kurdistan Kurdistan Mexico Mexico Taiwan Taiwan Tuvalu Tuvalu
21 Cameroon Cameroon Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
22 Egypt Egypt Libya Libya
23 Seychelles SeychellesVietnam Vietnam
24 Namibia Namibia
25 Argentina Argentina Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Jamaica Jamaica Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Winners Edit

Edition Country Song Performer Points Runner-up Host city
1 United Kingdom UK Goodness Gracious Ellie Goulding 114 Andorra Andorra Warsaw, Poland Poland
2 Spain Spain Nada Es Comparable A Ti Mirela 97 United Kingdom UK Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom UK
3 United Kingdom UK Let Go For Tonight Foxes 89 Andorra Andorra Madrid, Spain Spain
4 Norway Norway Am I Wrong Envy 111 Spain Spain Liverpool, United Kingdom UK
5 Denmark Denmark Rainmaker Emmelie De Forest 125 Canada Canada Lillehammer, Norway Norway
6 Latvia Latvia Lights On Markus Riva 109 USA United States Herning, Denmark Denmark
7 Australia Australia Never Be The Same Jessica Mauboy 171 Hungary Hungary St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands
8 Singapore Singapore Rooftops Daphne Khoo 146 Latvia Latvia Melbourne, Australia Australia
9 Germany Germany Satellite Lena 194 Netherlands Netherlands Daugavpils, Latvia Latvia
10 Armenia Armenia New Day Tamar Kaprelian 165 United Kingdom UK Kallang, Singapore Singapore
11 South Korea South Korea Super Love Dami Im 151 Netherlands Netherlands Yerevan, Armenia Armenia
12 Netherlands Netherlands Home Dotan 112 Norway Norway Seoul, South Korea South Korea
13 Brazil Brazil Santificação Elaine Martins 133 Canada Canada Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
14 Ukraine Ukraine Come Out And Play Mika Newton 131 Sweden Sweden Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Brazil
15 Mali Mali Queen of Africa Maimuna 103 Lebanon Lebanon Kiev, Ukraine Ukraine
16 New Zealand New Zealand It's Worth It Jackie Thomas 165 USA United States Bamako, Mali Mali
17 United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands My Immortal Evanescence 122 Aland Islands Åland Islands Wellington, New Zealand New Zealand
18 Ireland Ireland Break Me Up Erika Selin 139 Norway Norway Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands
19 USA United States Shatter Me Lindsey Stirling ft Lzzy Hale 102 Ireland Ireland Dublin, Ireland Ireland
20 Denmark Denmark Karma Town Stine Bramsen 161 Kurdistan Kurdistan Sacramento, USA United States
21 USA United States Fight Song Rachel Plattern 139 United Kingdom UK Aalborg, Denmark Denmark
22 Russia Russia 7 Wonders Sergey Lazarev 129 Austria Austria New York, USA United States
23 Slovenia Slovenia Lovin' Me Maraaya 135 Portugal Portugal Moscow, Russia Russia
24 Venezuela Venezuela Mirate Aldrey 111 Egypt Egypt Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia
25 Caracas, Venezuela Venezuela

Host Cities Edit

Edition Host city
1 Warsaw, Poland Poland
2 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom UK
3 Madrid, Spain Spain
4 Liverpool, United Kingdom UK
5 Lillehammer, Norway Norway
6 Herning, Denmark Denmark
7 St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands
8 Melbourne, Australia Australia
9 Daugavpils Latvia Latvia
10 Kallang, Singapore Singapore
11 Yerevan, Armenia Armenia
12 Seoul, South Korea South Korea
13 Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
14 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Brazil
15 Kiev, Ukraine Ukraine
16 Bamako, Mali Mali
17 Wellington, New Zealand New Zealand
18 Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands
19 Dublin, Ireland Ireland
20 Sacramento, USA United States
21 Aalborg, Denmark Denmark
22 New York, USA United States
23 Moscow, Russia Russia
24 Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia
25 Caracas, Venezuela Venezuela

Winning Users Edit

Edition Winning User Country
1 Mark England England
2 Alessandro Spain Spain
3 Mark England England
4 Matt England England
5 Marko Serbia Serbia
6 Florian Germany Germany
7 Anton Germany Germany
8 Niki Germany Germany
9 Niki Germany Germany
10 Niki Germany Germany
11 Matt England England
12 Willsong Netherlands Netherlands
13 Dapturner England England
14 Greecelove Greece Greece
15 Andreas Greece Greece
16 Grace England England
17 Bas Netherlands Netherlands
18 Dapturner England England
19 Arktosin Germany Germany
20 Arktosin Germany Germany
21 Madmucca Scotland Scotland
22 Dapturner England England
23 Luiri France France
24 Marco Venezuela Venezuela

Contest Statistics and Records Edit

In this section we shall display all the current statistics and records currently held by countries and in the countries alike.

Highest Grand Final Scorer.Edit

The Mysterious Song Contest is currently celebrating it's 19th Edition and with that there has been 19 winners. Each country has an aim to score the highest and win, one country has out done the rest and scored the most in the history of MSC

In Edition #09 Germany Germany brought to the stage Lena with her Amazing song 'Satellite' and stormed the contest with her score of 194 points, currently topping the MSC Victory board.

Highest Semi Final ScorerEdit

With the Introduction of the Semi finals in Edition 8. A series of Semi Finals have taken place in MSC.
In Edition #07 Australia Australia with Jessica Mauboy stormed the Semi Finals with a score of 126 points currently topping the Semi Finals Board

Lowest ScorerEdit

This record is not the easiest to declare as no song should be declared as terrible. However, in each contest one song out does the rest by accumulation the least amount of points:-

In Edition #14, Afghanistan Afghanistan, #20 Hungary Hungary, #21 Taiwan Taiwan did just that scoring just 02 points.

Most 12 Points.Edit

In every Edition the prized '12 points' (Douze Poi) has been handed out to winners and runners up. 

In Edition #09 Netherlands Netherlands, #16 Australia Australia, #17 United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands and #20 Denmark Denmark racked up 6 of these '12 points' making them the highest 12 points awardee.

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