Music World Cup is a song contest on Facebook. The contest is hosted by Andro Putranto and Ezra Fahlevi.

Music World Cup




Indonesia Indonesia

Edition (Total)










Edition Countries debuting
1 Andorra Andorra, Belgium Belgium, Denmark Denmark, Finland Finland, Greece Greece, Spain Spain, Sweden Sweden, and United Kingdom United Kingdom
2 Armenia Armenia, Canada Canada, Indonesia Indonesia, Israel Israel, Norway Norway, Romania Romania, and USA United States
3 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Bulgaria Bulgaria, and Estonia Estonia
4 France France, Germany GermanyIreland Ireland, Peru PeruRussia Russia, and Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago
5 Australia Australia, Belarus Belarus, Lebanon LebanonPuerto Rico Puerto Rico, and Switzerland Switzerland
6 China China, Cyprus Cyprus, Hungary HungaryIceland IcelandItaly Italy, Mexico MexicoNigeria NigeriaSouth Africa South Africa, and South Korea South Korea

Countries that can borrowEdit

Country Can borrow from
Luxembourg Luxembourg and Monaco Monaco France France
San Marino San Marino and Vatican City Vatican City Italy Italy
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands and Greenland Greenland Denmark Denmark
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico USA United States


Edition Host city Entries Country Artist Song Points Runner Up
01 Helsinki, Finland Finland 8 Sweden Sweden Calvin Harris ft. Alesso & Hurts Under Control 66 (79%) Greece Greece
02 Stockholm, Sweden Sweden 11 Armenia Armenia Sirusho PreGomesh 81 (68%) Indonesia Indonesia
03 Yerevan, Armenia Armenia 14 Sweden Sweden Paula Seling ft. Ovi Miracle 84 (54%) United Kingdom United Kingdom
04 Gothenburg, Sweden Sweden 19 France France Marie-Mai C.O.B.R.A

92 (43%)

United Kingdom United Kingdom
05 Paris, France France 20 Canada Canada Avril Lavigne When You're Gone 128 (53%) Sweden Sweden
06 Ottawa, Canada Canada TBA TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD


Most 12 pointsEdit

Edition Country Artist Song
01 Belgium Belgium Dee Dee The One
02 Indonesia Indonesia Agnez Mo Things Will Get Better
03 Sweden Sweden Paula Seling & Ovi Miracle
04 USA United States Demi Lovato ft. Joe Jonas This Is Me
05 Canada Canada Avril Lavigne When You're Gone

Jury AwardsEdit

Edition Country Artist Song
01 Denmark Denmark The Storm My Crown
02 Norway Norway Adelen Bombo
03 Greece Greece Thomai Apergi One Last Kiss
04 USA United States Demi Lovato ft. Joe Jonas This Is Me
05 Canada Canada Avril Lavigne When You're Gone

Fan AwardsEdit

Edition Country Artist Song
04 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Ilhame Qasimova Out of Reach
05 Belarus Belarus Byanka Muzika

Hall of FameEdit

Best Song of Music World CupEdit

Rank Based On Percentage Percent (%) Based On Points Point(s)
1 Sweden Sweden #1 Under Control 79% Canada Canada #5 When You're Gone 128
2 Greece Greece #1 Na tis peis 73% Sweden Sweden #5 Release Me  125 
3 Armenia Armenia #2 PreGomesh 68% France France #4 C.O.B.R.A 92
4 Belgium Belgium #1 The One 67% United Kingdom United Kingdom #4 Skyfall  90
5 Indonesia Indonesia #2 Things Will Get Better 63% USA United States #4 This Is Me  86
6 Norway Norway #2 Bombo 63% Sweden Sweden #3 Miracle  84
7 Denmark Denmark #1 The Crown 62% Armenia Armenia #2 PreGomesh 84
8 Spain Spain #1 Heartbeat 61% Puerto Rico Puerto Rico #5 Neon Lights 81
9 Canada Canada #2 My Heart Will Go On 55% United Kingdom United Kingdom #3 S'jëmi me atje    81
10 United Kingdom United Kingdom #2 Set Fire To The Rain 55% Indonesia Indonesia #2 Things Will Get Better  75

Best Country of Music World CupEdit

Rank Based On Average Rank Average Based On Points Point(s)
1 Sweden Sweden 3 Sweden Sweden 446
2 France France 3 United Kingdom United Kingdom 342
3 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 3 Denmark Denmark 297
4 Belgium Belgium 3 Canada Canada 269
5 Bulgaria Bulgaria 4 Norway Norway 240
6 United Kingdom United Kingdom 4.4 USA United States 232
7 Indonesia Indonesia 5 Armenia Armenia 224
8 Denmark Denmark 6.2 Indonesia Indonesia 206
9 Finland Finland 7 Greece Greece 189
10 Germany Germany 7.5 Israel Israel 183

Winners by LanguageEdit

Wins Language Edition(s) Country(s)
3 United Kingdom English 0103 and 05 Sweden Sweden and Canada Canada
1 Armenia Armenian 02 Armenia Armenia
1 France French 04 France France


Edition Slogan
1 Feel The Music
2 Free The Peace
3 Find The Treasure
4 Our Version of Events
5 Leave The Nest
6 Feel The Wild Music
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