Mondevision Song Contest
Genre Song contest
Created by Aroharmy
Presented by Aroharmy
Country of origin Flag of South Korea South Korea
Original language(s) English 
Location(s) Various
Running time Various (about one month)
Original run June 2017 – present
Edition(s) 5 (So far)
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MVSC in numbers
Edition(s) 5 editions (So far)
Countries participate 64
Songs performed  169

Mondevision Song Contest (abbr. MVSC) is an online song contest on YouTube, Google+ and the OVSC Forum. The contest is managed by Aroharmy.

Rules Edit

1. Eligible countries Edit

Generally, every country in the world can participate. There are also plenty of independent or disputed territories, which are all able to participate. Also smaller countries can borrow songs from their bigger neighbors:

1.1 Borrowing Edit

A list of countries that are able to borrow songs from their bigger neighbors can be found here.

2. Participation Edit

2.1 Confirmation Edit

If you want to participate at Mondevision Song Contest, you have to choose a country and confirm your participation in the comment section of this page, in the official OVSC Forum, on YouTube, Google+ or Twitter. You have to meet the deadlines and play by the rules. If there are more than 56 participating countries, you have to get on the waiting list first.

2.2 Country selection Edit

First come first served: if a country is already taken, you have to wait until the Head of Delegation changes his country or ask him if you could have it. New participants can take any country that's still available and can apply for new territories to join the contest.
From the second edition on, you can take two countries.

2.3 Submission Edit

Users have to submit their entry in time. Each user can submit one entry for each country in each edition. Except from country, artist and song, submissions must also contain a link to the YouTube video and the 20 seconds from the Youtube video to use in the recap video and a proof that the artist is eligible to participate for the chosen country. There will be a Google form where the entries can be submitted. They will be checked by the Mondevision Council afterwards.

3. Voting Edit

The voting is the same as in the real Eurovision Song Contest. 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points are given to ten of the participating countries by each user. You cannot vote for your own country. The voting takes place via private message to the organiser. If you're caught cheating or influencing the voting, you'll be banned from the contest for one edition.

4. Eligible Songs Edit

Generally, every song is allowed to participate at MVSC, as long as it hasn't been performed at the (Junior) Eurovision Song Contest or one of its preselections. However, the participants are asked to chose songs and artists that have nothing to do with the ESC. They will not be penalized if they take a Eurovision-related song or performer. Overused songs and worldchart songs are not allowed.
If a group is selected, at least one member has to be from the represented country.

5. Big 8 Nations Edit

The Big 5 Nations were introduced in the second edition and expanded by one country in the third edition. They became the Big 8 in the fifth edition. They are automatically qualified for the final.

  • Flag of None Winner of the last edition
  • Flag of None Runner-up of the last edition
  • Flag of None Third place of the last edition
  • Flag of None Fourth place of the last edition
  • Flag of None Fifth place of the last edition
  • Flag of None Sixth place of the last edition
  • Flag of None Seventh place of the last edition
  • Flag of None Eighth place of the last edition

If a country from the Big 8 withdraws, it will be replaced by the ninth place of the last edition.

6. Results Edit

If there is a tie between two players and one of them didn't vote, the player who voted gets the better placement. If both players voted, the country with the most 12 points gets the better place. If both countries got the same amount of 12 points, the country that got points from more countries will be favoured.

7. Strikes Edit

If a participant breaks the rules, he gets a strike. If he's got three strikes, he is banned from participating for one edition.

Editions Edit

So far, six editions have taken place. The first edition was broadcasted and organized by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and held in Daegu, South Korea. The second edition took place in Astana after Kazakhstan's victory in South Korea and was won by Northern Cyprus which held MVSC 3. Both, the fourth and fifth edition took place in North Korea after a double win of the country. MVSC 6 was organized by the Armenian broadcaster APMTV after Iveta Mukuchyan won the previous contest.

Ed. Host Venue Theme Presenter Participants
#1 Flag of South Korea Daegu Daegu Stadium Trigger the Fever! BoA 21
#2 Flag of Kazakhstan Astana Astana Arena #Inspire Zhanar Dugalova 47
#3 Flag of Northern Cyprus North Nicosia C.P. Arena Infinity Atiye & Ayshe 51
#4 Flag of North Korea Pyongyang Rungrado 1st of May Stadium Against the Silence! Jay Park & Jessi 53
#5 Flag of North Korea Pyongyang Rungrado 1st of May Stadium Feel The Rhythm! CL & Jessi 56
#6 Flag of Armenia Yerevan Karen Demirchyan Complex Lonely Together Gohar & Iveta 56

Winners Edit

Edition Winner Runner-Up Third Place
Flag of South Korea #1 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan South Korea South Korea Tuvalu Tuvalu
Flag of Kazakhstan #2 Northern Cyprus Northern Cyprus Australia Australia Luxembourg Luxembourg
Flag of Northern Cyprus #3 North Korea North Korea South Korea South Korea Australia Australia
Flag of North Korea #4 North Korea North Korea Albania Albania Northern Cyprus Northern Cyprus
Flag of North Korea #5 Armenia Armenia Japan Japan Catalonia Catalonia
Flag of Armenia #6 TBD TBD TBD

Broadcasters Edit

A list of all broadcasters (active and inactive) can be found here.

Links Edit

Mondevision Song Contest
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