Milan Stanković is a Serbian singer. He rose to fame as a finalist on televised singing competition Zvezde Granda in 2007. He represented Serbia on Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 with pop-folk song titled Ovo je Balkan. Latley, Stanković has been releasing electro and hip-hop infused dance songs.

Stanković began his career in 2007 as a contestant on Zvezde Granda, television singing competition, where he reached the finale and finished in 4th place. He instantly attracted popularity because of his bleach blonde hair, style, attitude, but also because of his relationship with Rada Manojlović, who was also that years contestant. His debut album, Solo, was released in May 2009 for Grand Production and was a commercial success. In 2010 Milan was chosen by the public vote to represent Serbia on Eurovision Song Contest 2010. His song "Ovo je Balkan", written by Goran Bregović and Marina Tucaković, ended up in 13th place with 72 pionts. Later his lost his contract with Grand, because of the feud with Saša Popović, label's CEO and owner.

In April 2014, Milan won the Pink Music Festival with the song "Luda Ženo" featuring Matrix Band. He was awarded for the most YouTube views and most SMS votes. In 2015 he released an EP which was cited as his big comeback. Then he became a judge on Pinkove Zvezdice, a popular children's singing competition. In 2017 Stanković started his collaboration with Jala Brat and Buba Corelli by releasing the single "Ego", which gained great success. In 2018 Stanković released his so called 'Tokyo Trilogy', showing K-pop influence.

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