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  • Hey Phirl, I heard the awful news coming out of Vienna tonight, I'm not sure if you are in that area but I hope you, the rest of the Austrian YSC players and everyone else you know are all safe.

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    • Hi Þórir!

      Thank you for your solidarity you have the heart on the right place!

      I wish I could say that all be save but that I can't say, than really the Most YSC Members lives here in Vienna or in the Near! We are all Shocked what happen! In Case that we start now in the 2nd Lockdown is that the next really bad thing current what happens here in Austria! Special when than comes so many Fake News why all Talk about that! This make it all not easy! A hard Point is that on that the Final from the 165.YSC was and who OU Host it the 1st Time! Now would be that remind with a terrorist attack on the same Day! This is really Horrible! But we Viennese are Strong and Hold together!

      Thanks for your Nice Message! That shows and I can say that really often how solidarity you be! And you are every Welcome to Comeback in YSC after your Last Song is Send in the 166.YSC!

      And I know you intersts it not really but it makes me really Sad and I fight really that I no Cry but the Point that Gilberto have contact me not after this happens in Vienna and how I be alright! That makes me really bad and sad!

      But Þórir I wish you a great Day! Be Healthy and Safe!

      Your Phirl

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, I decided to post a separate message too. I won't reply on the conflict anymore, this is on a personal note.

    You know we both used to be good friends, we did many things together, we had a great time. Then you started changing very suddenly, I recall it all started to fall down when all this SPAR stuff began.

    I'm wishing you see all of this from an outside perspective. YSC is just a contest, you are losing actual friends because of it. At some point I even wonder if this Ana is a real person, to be honest with you, as there's no evidence of her existence (like, no account here for example).

    So if you ever realise what you're doing is not correct and that all of this separated you from your real self, I'll be here willing to talk as I still have hope I can get the old Phirl I knew and that I kind of miss, before all this madness began.

    Anyway, I sincerely wish you have a great life, tht you achieve all your goals and that you are truly happy =)

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    • Gil of this Message I have wait a Long Time!

      At the 1st Point I would say Ana is not fake or a 2nd Crazy Personly from me! I have a Picture who she is with Jury BD, Jury HN, Jury IR, Jury MC Jury TA & Jury TS as we was in our Class! And about the Account, in the Forum could be she have one! I don't know she show me often what happens there! But I have never ask her why she should know that or how it is true that Interesting me not! I only know that she would talk not good about Forum Members!

      And about the 2nd Point what you say about YSC is not only a Contest! Every Months comes some together, hear Music & make Small Talk we make applause and make Congratulations! We give every a Honour to the Winner! And instead of other "Contests" we never say this was overrated or underrated! But I have told really some times! It was never or is only a Contest! It was every a Special and that would never change! Some understand it and some not! The Your Sound Contest is not Festival of Miracles and FoM is not YSC! 

      With the 3rd Point with losing Friends, they I can say yes & no! I have really great Friends from the German Carat Amino found with those I laugh, cry & discuss! But we are here together! And no one gives when they feel bad more bad feels! We whould say words or do thinks for those that he or she (i be the only male) feel better when we have problems! Example now I tould how this all finish me now or makes me cry than comes one and say what is play we tomorrow They never comes with sentence how than let it all and give up! That are true friends, did you understand it? I mean I have see the Most never! How in the Forum but they every hear the other one when they have to told anything! And that was the Point why we have lose us, when you give those the Feel that interesting me not f*** you! Is that clear that it not ends never good! I mean when you have any problems I never have come to you and give you the feel when you are down than it's your own reason! When I can say it in the What's App Group who I be with they I told every when what happens in the Forum they only say: Those People are Childish or Stupid but they never give me the Feeling that was my own Fault the same is with Ana! That's why I say when I "lose" Friends than was that not real Friends! Think about my Worlds!

      Than with the 4th Point about SPAR and what happens they, I like SPAR and every when I draw in a Picture for the word Supermarket I make a SPAR Market that is so and they have accept it! Yes could be that I nerv Peoples with those how Ivo but those who really know me accept it! And about why I was strange, when you lose a Friend what you have know since your Childhood more than 15 Years would you be normal and feel nothing! And than died every Month a Person from Family or Kpop would you feel than normal? Sorry I be an Emotional Person and can't do that! And than you see that a Kpop Artist who makes suicide than get under the 10 Last Artists in a Contest from the Forum that was horrible but some don't understand it when they say I be Crazy than should they think it! That interesting me not!

      The Last 5th Point is from my Personly Side! Read the Reports Thread now again without your hate to Ana and to your Friendship to Rontti! All Messages Point to Point from a neutral side tell me what you think! I wait of your Answer I accept all! I would only say now, when you all like those Status Quo or how Ana calls "WAR" than yes you can have it! I only can say Ana have all what she have like but she is stronger than me she can do it year by year by year.... Now it is in your Hand!

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    • Would you like to go on a more private setting so that we can talk for a bit? =) 

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    • Amino would not work after what Pablo have done! To the Forum would not work too!

      Yk the Twitter Chat!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Dear Phirl,

    What you're doing to Gil, Pablo and Rontti is wrong and horrendous. It is literally my time of the month and you don't see me conspiring with someone to destroy others' pages and contests because they don't agree with how I run my own. You are, no offense, acting like you're going through your man-period since you feel the need to tag along with a power-hungry idiot who seems to be dealing with hers on a daily basis. Thank u, next. Also, sorry if this makes you feel like you're bullied, but as you already know I am quite outspoken and extremely honest. I was bullied in middle school myself and it feels like we (Gil, Pablo, Rontti, me especially for criticizing my political views, Thorir, and the other forumers Ana treated badly) are being bullied too. It is not fair to accuse people of "vandalizing your wiki" when you have no proof. Message me and we can try and come to peace if you want.

    Sincerely, Ashley

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    • Ashley you don't really understand what I mean! How long you all not accept that only Ana is the bad here would nothing change! And make not Pablo so that he never have done anything! That is not true! You can read it all! It is a reason why he is blocked on Amino!

      You make Ana worser than she is! She never have like the Pablo now Thorip's YSC! But she never have comes that what Gil have makes to delete it all!

      And about Bullied I have not an easy childhood too! That was all Critic to your System how wrong it is! I have talk with her and really she was shocked what you all can do! Really you all have destroy yourself! It would be work to found a way for piece! The same I have wrote to Gil too! Special you have current make nothing! This Point current have delete Thorip's YSC! Than current would like the Ana-Critics Peoples not Participate why really they are shocked what you do! They mean we like Ana's System not but what the Forumer do is more worse! I can say Thorip is with that what you do not agree too! He write to your Message here! You was uncalled! I would make diplomat Things what when no one show the Hands the War would not end!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Sending you my own separate message here where we can talk and possibly be at peace finally

    So first i just wanted to say again that if i ever made you feel bad, bullied, etc. or anything like that with anything i did for YSC or you, i am sincerely and truly sorry for that. And that sorry goes to Ana as well, apologizing to her too

    Secondly, that picture you say i edited and posted in there, i can 100% confirm that it is not posted or edited by me, but i am looking to find out who did and i will have a conversation with that person, if it was intended to look like i did it to make you feel bad. Even if i was able to edit/post there, i would never do that when i am not taking part in the contest myself. I am not a bad person or a childish one and i know exactly how it feels to be bullied so i do not want anyone to experience anything like that in their life because bullying is wrong

    I have been IP blocked on YSC wiki ever since 1st of April if you remember, so i have not been able to make any edits or posts in there since then. And if you look at the editing history of YSC 138 page, the flag/picture was posted by someone named LongLiveAna. Believe me finally when i say, that was 100% NOT me

    But yeah if you are willing, we can speak about all that has been happening and again i am truly sorry for anything. I never intended for you to feel bullied or anything, i just always wanted to help you and YSC because i did consider you a friend :o

    We do not need to fight, we can be at peace if you just want to talk and sort this out

    This will however be the last time i will attempt to talk with you about this because i am tired of repeating myself when i have been trying to sort all this out and talk with you for the last 3 days now. If you are not willing then i will just leave you and everyone else from your side alone from now on, but i will expect you, Ana and all of your and her friends will do the same for me :o

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    • Rontti at 1st I would ask why you have Problems with the Point DSQ? I have make that too all who Participate! Ok you have delte it is OK!

      But you have at the begin say that you was it not! Than everyone cam make more accounts! I can say this Point what after happens would never be when you say clear you was it not! Ok we can change it not! I only feel bad that I lose my Admin rights now here thanks that all! Rontti you must say not to me Sorry more to Thorip! Than thanks all the Ana critics Participate not more in his YSC Version why they found what you make here with me is worser than Ana! Really you help when I get here all my rights back! That would show some signs! Ana have Posat Pictures what was critical about your System! And what was your Answer you blocked me here too! And than you say she is worse?

      Ana makes critics and you show all that she have say the True!

      Rontti I big sign would be do Participate in Thorip's YSC! I mean when his YSC get more Members than her's would that be a big sign!

      But no you go the way what you all critics to Ana!

      I personly can say when you with Gil Ashley and Thorip makes that I be get my Rights here back as Admin & Content-Moderation would see that the others example Nagisa's Part! In Edition 5 from his YSC Version have over 18 when I know it right! 

      And it could be that they comeback! 

      The 2nd Point I have write a few days ago! When he make it back that her Festival of Miracles would be comeback here, that it be not more deleted! Is that a Good Sign and that would be a sign too!

      Than you all Write about Mobbing! She never delete Thorip's YSC Version and that is really a Copy and than Gil makes to delte her FoM, I would say that what AA say, it looks really here that only Forumer helps Forumers and she found this more dictatorship than Ana! And I told her the both Sides too! I must say with all who Talk the found you all are worser than her! Please think about it!

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    • I don't have a problem with it. It is your contest and you make the rules so i am fine with anything in it. I just don't want any messages about it onto my personal page or anything :o That is all

      Well yeah that is true anyone can always make a new account i don't deny that, but as far as i know i would still have the same exact IP block because i only have one single router i use for both my laptop and phone so i would still not be able to edit anything. Of course i have no idea really if it works like that or not, but anyways :o 

      It just hurts me that you are not willing to believe me and are straight up accusing me on doing something i have never even considered doing to you. Ever. I have always thought of you as a friend :o And i am not childish so i do not do stupid things. And why would i ever name my possible second account as "LongLiveAna"? But yeah, if you do not believe me on it that is fine i cannot change that :o

      I have not joined Thorirs YSC because i just do not have time for any new contests at the moment. 

      And about the Ana's Festival of Miracles and admin things, you will need to talk to BallSerbia about that :o it is not for me to decide. The block was also not made by me, it was his decision as he told you as well. I don't have you blocked anywhere and you can check if you don't believe me on that eitherl

      But yeah, i just don't want to fight and i just want to be left alone and out of all this :o i do not take part in YSC anymore and i do not plan to. So if you would just let me be alone and not include me in anything related to YSC anymore, i would be thankful. That is all i wish if you don't like me anymore and don't want to make peace with me :o i understand that ofc but please, just leave me out of the fighting

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    • I think you don't understand what I mean! Ana think you was it! It was really in that Time and you have in the 1st not say that you was it not! After I send Ana's Message to you! Did you know understand what I mean? That was for so 2 Months you say you was it not for around 20 Days! You have say from the begin not that you was it not! I have say now not that I believe or don't believe in you! In theory you can go to a Friend and make there a new Account, in theory that is really easy!

      And about the other Point to say I can't make anything to make that you are blocked or lose the Admin is not true, you can do some things you can write to Serbia Ball that this is not only Ana's Fault and that this current is not fair and when make it more can be anything change you have write to him 1st that I bullied you, don't forget it! And I wrote that not for my Egosim that I like be back Admin! You must think to the others! With those now you have deleted really Thorip's YSC! Did you don't understand that the Nagisa Part who be really Ana Critical not like more Participate in his Version why they are shocked what happens here! They mean current is the Song Contests Wiki more Dictatorship than Ana's CU! I mean Rontti really please be not only in the Forum Bubble! Think about the other Bubbles to example for Nagisa's! It looks current that here is no democratic and for all who hear that are you now really Childish when you personly don't think that you are childish is that ok! But now thinks around over 200 Peoples who hear that, that Gil, Pablo & You really Childish, egoism and stupid Peoples be! You have told me what you can do for a Peace I make suggestions why I hear some Sides! And what they thing! I mean they have read it all! You all show current all that what Ana makes critics to you! Please think about it!

      And the Last Point i can only say I say now what you can do for ending the Fight or Ana calls "WAR" Rontti with that what you make now would ends Ana's Critics about you and other NOT! Current is it so you all like that and that but gives you don't like! I can say from Ana Sites it would not end she have more plans! More you would see!

      Now Rontti it is on your Hand I mean when I bullied you all why I make suggestions to you! I would say you can make it better or more horrible! I personly you all have think on 1st April after YSC Leave the Forum all Ends but on that thay I have know Oh No so easy you lose not Problems! You make it worser and worser and than comes the Vulcano! And than we would see what happens! 

      Rontti you have lose on 1st April the 1st Step for a Peaceful YSC Community! Than on those Day was it clear for Ana that YSC goes to FoIM Thread than you have get the Most Members in your Hand and than you have delete the Peace! Ana was happy and some not! Now you have a 2nd Step for a Peaceful YSC Community! What you makes is in your Hand!

      But you must hear not to me!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • After looking into both sides of the story, I have decided that you will be blocked from editing on this Wikia for a month. Additionally, Ana's Festival of Miracles will no longer be a contest welcome on this Wikia. I hope you understand why I am forced to do this. In the future, just like now, this kind of behaviour won't be tolerated on this WIkia.

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    • You are the Wikia Manager and I accept it! I mean the Other's are in YSC Wikia blockled too!

      But when it is so, I have a Please to change the Rules that it would be clearer! That is now to Simple! And it must be delete the YSC Version from Thorip too! Than this you can see as Copy too! When yes it must be fair! Than this was not agree from Ana's Site!

      But I be on the Point how long both Parties not Talk would be find no way to delete the Problem! I personly thing both Sides are bulled! 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello. I have been informed of some issues concerning your contest Ana's Festival of Miracles and targeted harassment of some other members of the wikia and vandalism. I have also been provided with files posted by you that are targeting several wikia members and contests. This is your chance to explain yourself and tell me your side of the story.

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    • Pablo I say to you what Thorip said to me: "Pablo has said some pretty bad things!"

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Philruto, could I ask, how does your contest YSC works???

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    • And do you manage to make one edition per week??

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    • How I can manage it?

      Good Question I make that since the 1 week 2018!

      For me is that normal I find my rythm to make it! For me is it easy!

      And YSC works so that you can send your Songs what you really like and they was not taken!

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    • A FANDOM user
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