Mediterranean Song Contest 6






Flag of Croatia Zagreb


Final: March 4, 2015



Flag of Greece Greece, Flag of Slovenia Slovenia, Flag of Spain Spain, Flag of Turkey Turkey


Flag of Egypt Egypt, Flag of Lebanon Lebanon, Flag of Malta Malta


Flag of Greece Greece


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Mediterranean Song Contest 6 was the 6th edition of the Mediterranean Song Contest.

About Edit

It was held in Zagreb, Croatia. 14 countries participated in the contest.

Final Edit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Turkey Turkey maNga "Fly To Stay Alive" 8 56
02 Flag of Albania Albania Besa "Mbretëreshë" 7 58
03 Flag of France France Tal "Le Sens De La Vie" 10 49
04 Flag of Morocco Morocco Saad Lamjarred "Mal Hbibi Malou" 14 28
05 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Manca Špik "Stereo Naboj" 3 81
06 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus James Sky feat. Eletheria Eleftheriou "Oso Kai Na Thes" 5 71
07 Flag of Croatia Croatia Tony Cetinski "Žena Nad Ženama" 4 77
08 Flag of Spain Spain Ruth Lorenzo "Gigantes" 2 84
09 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Dzeny "Boja Vatre I Leda" 6 60
10 Flag of Israel Israel Andy D. One feat. Chemda "Surrender" 9 52
11 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro No Name "Moja Ljubavi" 11 41
12 Flag of Italy Italy Madh "Sayonara" 13 28
13 Flag of Greece Greece Helena Paparizou "Survivor" 1 87
14 Flag of Syria Syria Paula Abdul "Cold Hearted" 12 40
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