Mediterranean Song Contest 6
Final dates TBA
Venue Casablanca, Morocco Morocco
Number of entries 8 (to date)
Returning countries Greece Greece
Spain Spain
Voting system Each country awardes 12, 10, 8, 7-1 points for countries.
Winning song TBA
Mediterranean Song Contest
◄5 Eurovision Heart 7►

That's 6th edition of Mediterranean Song Contest. More informations soon. :)


Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
Morocco Morocco Arabic Saad Lamjarred Mal Hbibi Malou
Spain Spain Spanish Ruth Lorenzo Gigantes
Albania Albania
Italy Italy
Israel Israel English Andy D. One feat. Chemda Khalili Surrender
Cyprus Cyprus Greek James Sky feat. Elefteria Elefteriou Oso kai na thes
France France French TAL Le send de la vie
Greece Greece
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