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September 17, 2014


Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus



Mediterranean Song Contest (abbreviated MeSC) is a song contest, in which only countries that border the Mediterranean Sea can take part.


MeSC Final Date Participants Host city
1 TBA 14 Flag of Malta.svg Marsa


1. Only countries that border the Mediterranean Sea can take part which means that we have a limit of 21 participants

2. Countries reset after every edition

3. You can represent only one country

4. A song can be represented in the contest only once

5. The artist that represents a country must have himself/herself or his/her parents born in that country or he/she must have lived in that country for a long time

6. Voting is in Eurovision style. (1-8, 10, 12)

7. If the country you are in charge of wins an edition, you have to choose the city, the venue and the host(s) of the next edition

8. An artist can only represent one country in an edition. Example: If Indila represents France in an edition, she cannot represent Algeria too in that edition.

9. Due to the small numbers of the countries that are eligible to take part, only one country can borrow from another but only from some regions: Monaco from Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur