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Welcome to Song Contest Fandom! The purpose of this Fandom is to act like a database for information about online song contests. The song contest community gathers at the Song Contest Forums. On this Fandom you will be able to find out more about different contests and their national selections. You can find results history for countries in different contest. You can search for song titles or artists to discover which contests the songs or artists have competed in and how it went for them. You can even create a page for yourself to keep track of your own results in contests. You can navigate the fandom pages here!

Getting started

The first thing you could do is to create a new page about yourself. Your username is relevant for a new page as long as you are hosting a contest or if you are participating in a contest. The page should be titled with your Youtube or Fandom username. Use your page to write about yourself and which contests you are participating in. You can also use this page to write down your results history in the different contests you are participating in.

What kind of pages can I create?

You can create any page which is related to online song contests. Do not create pages for Eurovision Song Contest and related events. You can write about your own ESC favourites on your own user page. Relevant pages related to online song contests can be pages about, artists, song contests, national selections, users and countries.

When editing and creating pages, please use pictures and infoboxes. Some useful infoboxes are:

Infobox Description
Infobox artist Used to provide basic information on an artist
Infobox country Used to provide basic information on a country or territory
Infobox edition Used to provide basic information on edition of a contest
Infobox user Used to provide basic information on a user

You should also categorize pages.

Page type Categories
Artist Artists
(Country of affiliation) artists
(Country of affiliation)
(Territory of affiliation) artists
(Territory of affiliation)1
Eurovision artist Artists
(Country of affiliation) artists
(Country of affiliation)
(Territory of affiliation) artists
(Territory of affiliation)1
ESC participants
(Country of representation in ESC)
(Country of representation in ESC) artists
Country Countries
(Continent adjective) countries
Disputed country Countries
(Continent adjective) countries
Fictional country Fictional countries
Ex country Ex countries
Territory Territories
US states States
User Users
(Country of affiliation adjective) users
(Country of affiliation)
Contests' main page Contests
(Contest abbrevation)2
Contest editions (Contest abbrevation)2
Other contest pages (Contest abbrevation)2

^1 You should also categorize artists under the territory or disputed country of the origin. For example their state of birth or residence, or any other territory they are related to.

^2 You should come up with an unique abbrevation for your contest. Categorize all pages related to your contest under a category with that name.

The fandom follows a few simple rules.
1. Write the pages in English. English is the language of the world and as such all pages should be written in it for everybody to understand.
2. Categorize all pages you make. Categorizing pages makes it possible to navigate the fandom. By entering browse you should be able to navigate all pages of this fandom.
3. Make pages useful and connected to other pages. Please don't make pages without any meaning or context. Make them so they are worth keeping.
4. No bullying
- If somebody demands you remove their name off of a page, you should comply
- Do not message hateful things to any of the members, artists or contests or write them on any of the pages. You will be suspended or banned for stuff like harassment, sexism, racism, LGBT-phobia, islamophobia etc.
5. Do not vandalize pages. Removing content without their creator's consent and adding false content to other people's pages are punishable by a suspension. If repeated multiple times, it can result in a ban.
6. No NSFW content.

Optional and wanted:
Use infoboxes
Use pictures

Not following some of the rules may result in rule breaking pages to be marked for deleting or getting deleted.

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