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April 15, 2012


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MMC 19 has just finished

Magical Music Contest (abbreviated MMC) is a song contest on YouTube, hosted by xESCFR3AKx.


  1. You choose a free country and send a song whose artist has any connection to this country.
  2. You can only have one country/song per edition.
  3. You have to send your entry via PM. Other entries won't be accepted (no commenting on video or commenting on channel).
  4. No (J)ESC-Songs are allowed!
  5. Everyone can vote - not only the participants.
  6. You can vote for all entries, except for the own you've submitted.
  7. The winner can submit a second song to the following edition. One will be in a semifinal, the other one will be in the final already.
  8. 'Starting from #13:' Everyone has to vote in its semifinal. Every participant of the edition has to vote in the final.
  9. These countries can take songs from bigger countries:
Country Bigger neighbour
Andorra Andorra Spain Spain
Greenland Greenland Denmark Denmark
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Germany Germany
Luxembourg Luxembourg Belgium Belgium, France France
Monaco Monaco France France
San Marino San Marino Italy Italy


MMC Country Artist Song
#1 (London) Colombia Colombia Shakira "Whenever, Wherever"
#2 (Bogotá) Italy Italy In-Grid "Le Dragueur"
#3 (Rome) Cyprus Cyprus Nikki Ponte "I Don't Wanna Dance"
#4 (Nicosia) Moldova Moldova Diana Grigor "Tonight"
#5 (Chisinau) Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Nicki Minaj "Starships"
#6 (Port of Spain) Canada Canada Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe"
#7 (Montréal) USA United States Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson "The Way I Are"
#8 (New York City) Mexico Mexico Paulina Rubio "Boys Will Be Boys"
#9 (Mexico City) United Kingdom United Kingdom Lily Allen "Fuck You"
#10 (London) Italy Italy Tacabro "Tacatà"
#11 (Rome) Lithuania Lithuania Pink "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)"
#12 (Vilnius) Australia Australia Sia "Breathe Me"
#13 (Sydney) Ireland Ireland One Direction "What Makes You Beautiful"
#14 (Dublin) Belarus Belarus Maimuna "Queen Of Africa"
#15 (Minsk) Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Lena "Who'd Want To Find Love"
#16 (Vaduz) Chile Chile Javiera Mena "Luz De Piedra De Luna"
#17 (Santiago) Sweden Sweden Alex Saidac "Stay In This Moment"
#18 (Malmö) Turkey Turkey Sibel "I'm Sorry"
#19 (Istanbul) Turkey Turkey Gülsen "Yatcaz Kalkcaz Ordayim"
#20 (Ankara) TBD TBD TBD

Winning usersEdit

Liechtenstein Eurovisionlover111 and GermanyTurkey ESCTurkeyFan67 are the only users to have won twice so far.

Turkey Turkey is the first and only country to have won twice in a row.

MMC User
#1 Romania TheHiroshima75
#2 Liechtenstein Eurovisionlover111
#3 Netherlands ouasman
#4 Netherlands MisterEuropean92
#5 Germany smileybuddy4
#6 Germany xESCFR3AKx
#7 Germany chartboy2012
#8 Liechtenstein Eurovisionlover111
#9 Germany France BeautyBetty18
#10 Austria GreeceDream1
#11 Romania TheLegodan89
#12 Lithuania Pleaso454
#13 Poland Karolina32125
#14 GermanyTurkey ESCTurkeyFan67
#15 Greece MrEuroVoice 
#16 Chile CaptainQuetzal
#17 Germany BoyWhoLovesMusic
#18 Malta xon707dbest
#19 GermanyTurkey ESCTurkeyFan67

Special editionsEdit

Main article: Best of Magical Music Contest

After 10 editions of Magical Music Contest, BOM will be held. All top three songs from these last 10 edition will take part and one song will win.


>> Statistics page

Banned artistsEdit

Couting from Edition 16.

Artist Origin
Alexander Rybak Belarus Belarus, Norway Norway
Katy Perry Germany Germany, Ireland Ireland, Portugal Portugal, United Kingdom United Kingdom, USA United States
Lady Gaga Canada Canada, France France, Italy Italy, United Kingdom United Kingdom, USA United States
Loreen Sweden Sweden, Morocco Morocco
Nicki Minaj Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago, USA United States
Olly Murs Latvia Latvia, United Kingdom United Kingdom
P!nk Germany Germany, Ireland Ireland, Lithuania Lithuania, USA United States
Rihanna Barbados Barbados, Guyana Guyana, Ireland Ireland, USA United States

User Score & AwardsEdit

User Score was introduced in the first edition. The winner gets 12 points, 2nd place gets 10 points, 3rd gets 8p, 4th gets 7p etc. There are no awards in MMC.

Click here for the user score.

Partner contestsEdit

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