MY Sound 7


MY Sound

Edition no.


Selection for

Malaysia Malaysia

Selection to

OVSC 16 (Ourvision Song Contest)




Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


From 27 November 2011 until 2 December 2011


Bunkface - "Prom Queen"

MY Sound 7 was the 7th edition of MY Sound, a national selection for Ourvision Song Contest. It was officially called a special edition of MY Sound since only English language songs were eligible to enter. Bunkface, James Baum and Siti Nurhaliza had previously participated in MY Sound and the first two mentioned had also represented Malaysia in OVSC before. James Baum had also won the 1st edition of MY Sound.

The contest received the 1st ever NS Award by the OVSC managers.

Final result Edit

Place Artist Song Points
1 Bunkface "Prom Queen" 104
2 Estrella "Stay" 98
3 Siti Nurhaliza "Falling in Love" 92
4 James Baum "My Lead" 90
5 Nadhira feat. Ron E Jones "Tear Us Apart" 90
6 Malaysian Artistes for Unity "Here In My Home" 58
7 One Buck Short "Wait For It" 56

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