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MY Sound (short for Malaysian Sound), was a national selection contest for Ourvision Song Contest. It was started by HafizHalwi for the 10th edition of the contest. It was the first OVSC national selection to give OVSC user score. The contest stopped after the 7th edition. The announcement came hours after "Kisah Hati" became the first MY Sound winner not to qualify for the final in OVSC. After finishing runner-up in the following edition of OVSC, their best result ever, it was announced that an 8th edition of MY Sound will return for the 20th edition of OVSC. On June 26, it was announced that the 11th edition of MY Sound will be held for the 28th edition of OVSC. It was said to be the biggest edition ever for MY Sound.

Voting system Edit


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The current voting system has been used since the second edition. 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 points are given to six of the participating songs. In the first edition of MY Sound, the points given were: 5, 3, 2 and 1 to four songs.

In the 5th edition, a mixture of Jury and Televote was used. This system has never been used again even though it produced Malaysia's best result ever up until then, a 2nd place with the song "Cantik".

Editions Edit

MY Sound editions
MY Sound 1 - MY Sound 2 - MY Sound 3 - MY Sound 4 - MY Sound 5
MY Sound 6 - MY Sound 7 - MY Sound 8 - MY Sound 9

Special editions Edit

The main special edition was Malaysian Song of the Decade (MYSotD). It was won by Stacy and her song "Jahat" which had finished in 9th place in OVSC, Malaysia's third best during the decade.[1]

Winners Edit

Edition For Artist Song OVSC
MY Sound 1 OVSC 10 James Baum "Steer This Ship"[2] 19
MY Sound 2 OVSC 11 Aizat "Years From Now"[3] 5
MY Sound 3 OVSC 12 Jaclyn Victor, Ning Baizura & Shila "Beribu Sesalan"[4] 8
MY Sound 4 OVSC 13 Alyah "Kisah Hati"[5] 14 (SF)
MY Sound 5 OVSC 14 Nikki Palikat "Cantik"[6] 2
MY Sound 6 OVSC 15 Stacy "Kasanova"[7] 10 (SF)
MY Sound 7 OVSC 16 Bunkface "Prom Queen"[8] 3
MY Sound 8 OVSC 20 Siti Nurhaliza "Falling in Love"[9] 5
MY Sound 9 OVSC 21 Ash Nair "Crazy" [10] 14 (SF)
MY Sound 10 OVSC 22 Nera "Hatimu Milikku" [11] 12 (SF)
MY Sound 11 OVSC 28 TBA "TBA" TBA

Problems Edit

The contest has several times opened song submission for upcoming MY Sound editions to OVSC editions where national selections haven't been allowed to start yet. MY Sound was asked to slow down but claimed they needed more time than other national selections because of their geographical location. OVSC accepted this but have never announced that song submission for these future editions of MY Sound has been open themselves.

During the 4th edition of MY Sound, there were speculations about if the host might have added additional votes to make sure Kisah Hati would come to win the contest.

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