Lynxes21 is a user from USA United States

He became a fan of Eurovision in 2011. He is also a 2 time Pennsylvania state qualfier in Geography but lost both times. In 2010, he placed 18th in his state at the bee. He is currently studying French in school and Croatian on the side.

Lynxes21 prefers European music over American music but he still loves American music! His favorite entrant in the 2011 contest was Bulgaria Bulgaria and in 2012 it was Slovenia Slovenia.

Ourvision Song ContestEdit

Lynxes21 debuted in the 21st edition of Ourvision Song Contest. His best result was in OVSC 25 when he came in forth as the country of Estonia with the song, Skorpion

Edition Country Artist Song Final Semi
#21 Romania Romania Inna "10 minutes" 17 9
#22 Benin Benin Angleque Kidjo "Agolo" X 13
#23 Estonia Estonia Getter Jaani "Suvuoode kumusses" 13 8
#24 Germany Germany Juli "Perfekte Welle" 7 4
#25 Estonia Estonia Urban Symphony "Skorpion" 4 6
#26 Latvia Latvia Liene Candy "Party ain't over" X 11
#27 Finland Finland Erin "Vanha Nainen Hunningolla" 1 4
#28 Finland Finland Jenni Vartiainen Nettiin TBA TBA
#29 Belgium Belgium TBA TBA TBA TBA

Tubevision Song Contest (Open)Edit

Lynxes 21 debuted in TVC 13. Lynxes21 won on his debut with Sweden and the song Het and he also won TVC 26 with the song "Avec Toi".

Edition Country Artist Song Final Semi
#13 Sweden Sweden Timoteij "Het" 1 4
#14 Iceland Iceland Yohanna "Walking On Water" 5 4
#15 Iceland Iceland Bermudaz "Dreaming of Bermuda" X 11
#16 United Kingdom United Kingdom Trinity "Like the sun" X 11
#17 Greece Greece Kalomira "Please don't break my heart" 8 5
#18 Japan Japan Kheesung "They will come" X 10
#19 Austria Austria Cornelia Mooswalder "Should have let you love me" 7 6
#20 North Macedonia North Macedonia Elena Ristenka Usni Kako Temno Mastilo 8 7
#22 Romania Romania Anthony I'll Be There 13 6
#23 Cuba Cuba Pitbull ft. Chris Brown International Love 8 7
#24 Hong Kong Hong Kong Don Li ft. Mandy Chiang Hurtful World X 13
#25 Hungary Hungary Lola Hallja Meg A Vilag X 11
#26 Tunisia Tunisia Axel Tony ft. Tunisiano Avec Toi 1 2
#27 Algeria Algeria Kenza Farah Quelque Part 2 1
#28 Finland Finland Hanna Pakarinen Black Ice 10 5
#29 USA United States Taryn Manning Turn it up X 11
#30 Denmark Denmark Simone Stay Awake 2 1
#31 Turkey Turkey Atiye Bring Me Back 11 5
#32 Netherlands Netherlands K-Otic I Surrender
#33 Israel Israel Chen Aharoni Ani ohev et otha
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