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Great World Song Festival


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Iceland Iceland, Poland Poland

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Alternative, India
Orchestra, Pop

Favourite Countries (Music)

Iceland Iceland, Faroe Islands Faroe Islands

Favourite Countries (Culture)

Iceland Iceland, China China, Japan Japan

LuigiDan96 - also known as Daniel - (born on 12th September, 1996) is the host of the Great World Song Festival and participant in several YouTube and/or Online Song Contests. LuigiDan96 has his roots in Germany, Poland (mother) and Iceland (father). LuigiDan96 loves music, singing and any kind of song contest. LuigiDan96 joined the OVSC forums on 18th of January 2013.

Associated UsersEdit

This is a list of users who are very important to LuigiDan96 in ways of thinking, sharing feelings, ways of living having things in common and other important things.

Country User What makes him noteable
Malta Malta xon707dbest Best friend on the internet, shares many personal secrets
United Kingdom United Kingdom ESCJessicaUK Introduced LuigiDan96 to the world of Online Contests, good friend
United Kingdom United Kingdom LanguageNerd09 Shares many characteristics with LuigiDan96, shares secrets
Philippines Philippines Liev Artovsky Shares way of thinking, good friend
Germany Germany XESCFR3AKx Shares interests and humour, good friend, compatriot
Estonia Estonia The99Brothers Shares interests, good friend, living in an epic country
United Kingdom United Kingdom shadowtiger97 He is awesome, with insufficient German


In this table all the victories of LuigiDan96 are listed.

Contest Edition Country Artist Song Points
United World Song Contest #3 Germany Germany Frida Gold "Liebe ist meine Rebellion" 99
Great World Song Festival #4 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Eivor "True Love" 94
Great World Song Festival #9 Japan Japan Supershigi "Ballad Of The Goddess" 117

Ongoing ContestsEdit

The Great World Song FestivalEdit

GWSF Country Artist Song Place Points
#4 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Eivor "True Love" 01 94
#5 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Brandur Enni "Weekend" 07 68
#6 Indonesia Indonesia Sherina "Sebelum Selamanya" 06 77
#7 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Joánnes Lamhauge "Pura Vekk" 20 38
#9 Japan Japan Supershigi "Ballad Of The Goddess" 01 117
#11 Japan Japan Pikmin "Ai No Uta" 09 68
#12 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Greta Svabo Bech "Circles" TBA TBA

Imagine Song ContestEdit

ISC Country Artist Song Place Points Semi Points
#10 Gambia Gambia Smiling Coast Rhythm "Heartbreaker" X X 17 42
#12 Iceland Iceland í svörtum fötum "Paradís" X X 15 73
#13 Denmark Denmark A Friend in London ft. Carly Rae Jepsen "Rest from the streets" 23 47 08 118
#14 Iceland Iceland Unnur Eggertsdóttir "Stolin Augnablik" X X 10 120
#15 Iceland Iceland Jón Jónsson "When you're around" 16 80 03 198
#16 Indonesia Indonesia Ungu "Sayang" X X 14 91
#17 Germany Germany Tim Bendzko "Sag einfach ja" 18 88 08 161
#18 Indonesia Indonesia S.O.S "Drop It Low" 21 52 07 61
#19 Germany Germany Revolverheld ft. Marta Jandová "Halt dich an mir fest" 02 169 03 95
#20 Sweden Sweden Anniela "Party Crusher" X X 13 35
#21 Switzerland Switzerland Celine Dion "Loved me back to life" 03 144 02 91
#22 Germany Germany Johannes Oerding "Nichts Geht Mehr" 20 83 09 71
#23 Iceland Iceland Fridrik Dór "Nóttin Svört" TBA TBA TBA TBA
#24 Sweden Sweden Avicii "Hey Brother" TBA TBA TBA TBA

International Music FestivalEdit

IMF Country Artist Song Place Points Semi Points
#1 Iceland Iceland Fridrik Dór "Nóttin Svört" 13 70 06 67
#2 Iceland Iceland Unnur Eggerts "Vid stingum af" 04 143 01 107
#3 Iceland Iceland Jón Jónsson "All, you, I" 06 141 AQ AQ
#4 Iceland Iceland Unnur Eggerts "Stolin Augnablik" 03 134 02 114
#5 Iceland Iceland Yohanna "Beautiful Silence" 05 149 AQ AQ
#6 Iceland Iceland Unnur Eggerts "Ég Syng!" TBA TBA AQ AQ

North Vision Song ContestEdit

NVSC Country Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#1 Portugal Portugal Diego Faria "Elas Ficam Loucas" 6 125 2 107
#2 Portugal Portugal Rita Redshoes "Choose Love" 11 107 4 86
#3 Portugal Portugal Ana Free "Electrical Storm" X X 13 57
#4 Portugal Portugal Raquel Guerra "Desencontros" 12 115 2 110
#5 Portugal Portugal Adriana Lua "Vem Que Eu Quero Te Amar" X X 16 42
#6 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Lydia Denker "Voices (In Your Head)" TBA TBA TBA TBA

Euro-Asian Song Contest

EASC Country Artist Song Place Points Semi Points
#5 Indonesia Indonesia Maria Calista "Karena Ku Sanggup" X X 11 61
#6 Indonesia Indonesia Agnes Monica "Matahariku" 20 57 10 58
#7 Germany Germany Sido ft. Mark Forster "Einer Dieser Steine" TBA TBA TBA


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