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This is a list of Underrated entry Award winners in WideVision Song Contest.

WVSC Country Artist Song Runner-up
#1 Morocco.png Morocco Sofia Marikh "Bahib Fik" Mexico.png Mexico
#2 Portugal.png Portugal Rui Andrade "Amor a Preto e Branco" Turkey.png Turkey
#3 France.png France Alizée "Moi Lolita" San Marino.png San Marino
#4 North Macedonia.png North Macedonia Tose Proeski "Ima Li Da Za Nas" Serbia.png Serbia
#5 Mexico.png Mexico Fergie "Big Girls Don't Cry" Cyprus.png Cyprus
#6 France.png France Youssoupha feat Indila & Skalpovich "Dreamin'" Ireland.png Ireland
#7 Greece.png Greece Despoina Vandi "Mou'xeis perasei" Slovakia.png Slovakia
#8 Slovakia.png Slovakia No Name "Prva" China.png China
#9 USA.png United States Backstreet Boys "Incomplete Moldova.png Moldova
#10 Russia.png Russia Dima Bilan feat. Julia Volkova "Back to her Future" USA.png United States

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