This is a list of NS Award winners in Tubevision Contest.

TVC Country National Selection User
#20 Estonia Estonia Eesti Laul The99Brothers
#21 USA United States United Songs of America kittybee124
#22 Serbia Serbia Serbian Voices lazarkoo
#23 South Korea South Korea 2NE1 Music Competition HopingAngels
#24 Romania Romania Made in Romania The99Brothers
#25 Denmark Denmark En Sang For Danmark Playboymain1
#26 South Korea South Korea Hangug-ui Nolae MrMicki94
#27 Algeria Algeria Algerian Festival Lynxes21
#28 United Kingdom United Kingdom Tubevision: Your Country Needs You EurovisionJess
#29 Netherlands Netherlands Dutch Song Contest kittybee124
#30 USA United States The Voice of America EurovisionJess
TVC awards
Current: 12 points Award - Heart Award - Jury Award - NS Award
Former: User Score Award
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