This is a list of Jury Award winners in Ourvision Song Contest. Both The Netherlands and Canada have received the award three times each. Caro Emerald is the only artist to receive it twice. Italy has got Jury Award twice in a row. It's first time a country receives two Jury Awards in a row. Ireland and Canada have both won the award thrice, a record.

OVSC Country Artist Song Runner-up
#1 Ireland Ireland Enya "Only Time" Not published
#2 Netherlands Netherlands Caro Emerald "A Night Like This" Not published
#3 Malaysia Malaysia Bunkface "Through My Window" Not published
#4 Sweden Sweden Eric Saade feat. J-Son "Hearts in the Air" Not published
#5 Canada Canada Shania Twain "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" Not published
#6 Ireland Ireland The Corrs "Breathless" Australia Australia
#7 Netherlands Netherlands Caro Emerald "Back It Up" South Africa South Africa
#8 Norway Norway Marit Larsen "If a Song Could Get Me You" Poland Poland
#9 Netherlands Netherlands Anouk "Lost" United Kingdom United Kingdom
#10 Cyprus Cyprus Ivi Adamou "Sose Me" Mexico Mexico
#11 Canada Canada Avril Lavigne "What the Hell" Slovenia Slovenia
#12 Denmark Denmark Oh Land "White Nights" France France
#13 Canada Canada Nickelback "How You Remind Me" Singapore Singapore
#14 USA United States Josh Turner "Would You Go with Me" Mexico Mexico
#15 France France Sarah Riani "Intouchable" Suriname Suriname
#16 Poland Poland Sylwia Grzeszczak "Sen o przyszlosci" Malaysia Malaysia
#17 Russia Russia Vanessa Carlton "A Thousand Miles" Sweden Sweden
#18 Italy Italy Giorgia Todrani "È l'amore che conta" United Kingdom United Kingdom
#19 Italy Italy Laura Pausini "Víveme" USA United States
#20 Iran Iran Rox "My Baby Left Me" USA United States
#21 Greenland Greenland Bryan Rice feat. Julie "Curtain Call" USA United States
#22 Norway Norway Maria Mena "All This Time (Pick-Me-Up Song)" Netherlands Netherlands
#23 South Korea South Korea Kim Greem "To You" Germany Germany
#24 Poland Poland Sylwia Grzeszczak "Karuzela" Morocco Morocco
#25 Ireland Ireland Anastacia "Left Outside Alone" Kosovo Kosovo
#26 Switzerland Switzerland BOY "Little Numbers" Sweden Sweden
#27 Cyprus Cyprus Michalis Hatzigiannis "Plai Plai" USA United States
#28 Japan Japan Miho Fukuhara "Starlight" Switzerland Switzerland
#29 USA United States Carrie Underwood "Good Girl" New Zealand New Zealand
#30 Taiwan Taiwan Jeannie Hsieh "Yue Wan Wan" Italy Italy

OVSC awards
Current: Heart Award - Hit Award - Jury Award - NS Award

Former: Voters Award

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