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This is a list of Heart Award winners in Ourvision Song Contest.

OVSC Country Artist Song Runner-up
#1 Israel.png Israel Harel Skaat "Shine on me" Not published
#2 Albania.png Albania Juliana Pasha & Luiz Ejlli "Sa e shite zemren" Not published
#3 Estonia.png Estonia Kerli "Walking On Air" Not published
#4 Netherlands.png Netherlands Racoon "No Mercy" Not published
#5 Ukraine.png Ukraine Tina Karol "Ne Bojsia" Not published
#6 Poland.png Poland Perfect "Raz po raz" Croatia.png Croatia
#7 Portugal.png Portugal Rui Andrade "Em Nome do Amor" Thailand.png Thailand
#8 Lithuania.png Lithuania Amberlife & Ladybird "My Lover's Gone" Portugal.png Portugal
#9 Brazil.png Brazil Maria Cecília & Rodolfo "Tres Palavras" Venezuela.png Venezuela
#10 Philippines.png Philippines Grace Nono "Salidumay" Poland.png Poland
#11 Singapore.png Singapore Taufik Batisah "Berserah" Dominican Republic.png Dominican Republic
#12 Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia & Herzegovina Hari Mata Hari feat. Nina Badric "Ne mogu ti reci sta je tuga" Canada.png Canada
#13 Lebanon.png Lebanon Aline Lahoud "Habbouk Eiouny" USA.png United States
#14 Philippines.png Philippines Aiza Seguerra "Pagdating ng Panahon" Venezuela.png Venezuela
#15 Japan.png Japan Rythem "Houki Gumo" Mexico.png Mexico
#16 Serbia.png Serbia Dzenan Loncarevic "Putnicka" Ukraine.png Ukraine
#17 Thailand.png Thailand Loso "Jai sung ma" Philippines.png Philippines
#18 Malaysia.png Malaysia Aizat Amdan "Sungai Lui" Puerto Rico.png Puerto Rico
#19 Albania.png Albania Nora Istrefi "Dy shoke" Slovenia.png Slovenia
#20 Germany.png Germany Tim Bendzko "Nur noch kurz die Welt retten" Barbados.png Barbados
#21 Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia & Herzegovina Maya Berovic "Devojacko prezime" Venezuela.png Venezuela
#22 Czech Republic.png Czech Republic David Deyl "Akorát" Estonia.png Estonia
#23 Germany.png Germany Nena & Kim Wilde "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime" Croatia.png Croatia
#24 Morocco.png Morocco Sofia Essaidi "Femme d'aujourd'hui" Finland.png Finland
#25 Kosovo.png Kosovo Samanta Karavello "Zgjome nje tjeter enderr" Poland.png Poland
#26 Russia.png Russia Lena Katina "Never Forget" Philippines.png Philippines
#27 Poland.png Poland Pectus "Jeden moment" Nigeria.png Nigeria
#28 Switzerland.png Switzerland Paolo Meneguzzi "Musica" Mexico.png Mexico
#29 Iceland.png Iceland Greta Salome "Everywhere Around Me" Malaysia.png Malaysia
#30 Greece.png Greece Marina and the Diamonds "Power & Control" Slovakia.png Slovakia

OVSC awards
Current: Heart Award - Hit Award - Jury Award - NS Award

Former: Voters Award