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Laleh Pourkarim is an Iranian-Swedish singer and former actress. She left Iran when she was 1 year old, came to Sweden when she was 12 and went to school in the multicultural district of Hammarkullen, Angered of Gothenburg. Before that she had lived in Azerbaijan and Minsk, Belarus. Her song "Big City Love" was in OVSC #10 and placed 12th in the semifinal. She is best known by her stage name, her first name Laleh. She personally produces and writes her albums, in which she sings in three different languages: English, Swedish and Persian.

Songs Edit

  • Big City Love
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Studio albums Edit

  • 2005 - Laleh
  • 2006 - Prinsessor
  • 2009 - Me and Simon
  • 2012 - Sjung

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