McKala H. (on YouTube kittybee124) is an American of German, Irish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Seminole Indian ancestry, and a member of OVSC. She has been participating since edition #5.

She created her YouTube when she was 8 because she wanted to watch Charlie The Unicorn, and she now "regrets" her choice in a username. Everywhere else (, OVSC forums, etc, etc), she is known as booksandmusic97.

She is the oldest child, and has a younger sister (12) and younger brother 9. Her younger brother struggles with ADHD, Tourette's Syndrome, dyslexia, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

McKala is autistic (mild Asperger syndrome), has a mild form of tourettes, and is learning to cope with her newfound ainxiety issues.

Her favorite television shows are Criminal Minds, NCIS, House, and The Vampire Diaries. McKala loves music in every language, but she dislikes most American mainstream pop becuase, "the radio stations outplay good songs," and, "A lot of it is just stupid. I mean, 'I'm Sexy And I Know It?'" If anybody wants some suggestions for less famous music, she is more than willing to share.

McKala was born in North Carolina in early October of 1997. She has lived in Kansas, Missouri, Georgia, and North Carolina. As of now, she only speaks English, but she hopes to eventually be fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), Russian, Greek, and Spanish.

Quick Profile:

  • Born: October 9th, 1997
  • Jobs: Volunteer with a 1st grade class
  • Interests: Books, music, psychology, crime dramas, following news stories, watching the news, foreign languages and cultures, talking to people from other countries

Ourvision Song ContestEdit

Kittybee124 debuted in the 5th edition of Ourvision Song Contest. Her song "Ring meg" also won OVSC, Song of the Decade 1.

OVSC Country Place
#5 Sweden Sweden 12
#6 Norway Norway 2
#7 Denmark Denmark 14 (SF)
#8 Italy Italy 18
#9 Brazil Brazil 12 (SF)
#10 Iran Iran 12 (SF)
#11 Mongolia Mongolia 12 (SF)
#12 Finland Finland 11
#13 USA United States 12 (SF)
#14 USA United States 5
#15 South Korea South Korea 13
#16 South Korea South Korea 8
#17 USA United States 13
#18 USA United States 16 (SF)
#19 Russia Russia 15
#20 Colombia Colombia 7
#21 USA United States 11
#21 South Korea South Korea² 5
#22 New Zealand New Zealand¹ 5
#23 Canada Canada¹ 16
#23 Iceland Iceland² 5
#24 USA United States¹ 13
#26 Mexico Mexico 14 (SF)
#27 USA United States¹ 2
#27 Finland Finland² 1
#28 USA United States TBA
#28 Cyprus Cyprus² TBA
#29 Colombia Colombia TBA
#30 Brazil Brazil¹ TBA

¹Hosted a national selection ²Won a national selection

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