The Republic of Yugska (Yugskan: Југска Република or Jugska Republika) is a fictional country in TBA. The capital and largest city of the country is Beogreb. The country has ~22,876,000 citizens. The international abbreviation for Yugska is JUG.

Country Informations Edit


The country's name is Jugska; (Yugskan: Југска; English: Yugska), depending on how the other nations pronounce the J . The country's full name is Jugska Republikа; (Yugskan: Југска Република, or in English the Republic of Yugska or the Yugskan Republic). Yugska uses both the Cyrillic and the Latin writing system, learning both in schools.


Yugska has one official language called Yugskan (Југски/Jugski [Serbocroatian]). However, there are also some minorities, who speak Macedonian, Albanian and Greek. These languages are not fully recognized official languages, but some of them just say that they are official languages. In schools, the children mostly learn Yugskan and English. The minorities in their provinces also have their language as a school subject. This way, the Yugskan government wanted to make sure that every citizen is able to communicate with eachother and with other people from foreign countries as well.

Population and ReligionsEdit

  • Total: 22,876,000
  • Religions: 63% Christianity Orthodox, 19% Catholic, 18% Muslim

Flag and Coat of Arms Edit



Yugskan Flag

The Yugskan flag is very simple yet showcasing the diversity within the country:

Blue stands for the blue bright sky which is protected by god. Legends say that because of god protecting the blue sky it is so sunny in the country. People say that god keeps an eye on them everyday, when he is happy, it is sunny. When not, it is windy or rainy.

Red stands for the Yugskan blood spilled in the wars.

White stands for the Yugskan people, their language, religions and cultures.

Coat of ArmsEdit


Yugskan Coat of Arms

The Yugskan Coat of Arms was made by the Yugskan government. In the background, there is the Yugskan flag, while in the front there is a golden sword and a crown. The golden sword stands for the glory and the pride of the country, while the crown stands for the former kings.

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Number Name of province (in English) Name of province (in Yugskan languages) Population Capital about the province
1 Province of Beogreb Pokrajina Beogreb
Покрајина Беогреб
Beogreb City/Беогреб Capital and most populated city of Yugska.
2 Big Province Velika Pokrajina
Велика Покрајина
3 Province of Budska Budska Pokrajina
Будска Покрајина
4 Mariborian Province Mariborska Pokrajina
Мариборска Покрајина
Plavi Grad/Плави Град tourist attraction, holiday-place.
5 Slavian Province Slavska Pokrajina
Славска Покрајина
Đinđija/Ђинђија Arabs from Al Ma'ak are living there along with Yugskans
6 Central Province Centralna Pokrajina
Централна Покрајина
8 Slavonian Province Slavonska Pokrajina
Славонска Покрајина
Stari Grad Nikš/Стари Град Никш Tourist attraction, has one of the oldest cities in the country.
9 Small Province Mala Pokrajina
Мала Покрајина
10 Green Province Zelena Pokrajina
Зелена Покрајина
many farmers live there, there is most of the nature.
11 Province of Lakes Jezerska Pokrajina
Језерска Покрајина
close to the sea, have a lot of lakes.
12 Kamenich Kamenič
13 Old Province Stara Pokrajina
Стара Покрајина
has the oldest villages in the country.
14 Province of Mountains Planinska Pokrajina
Планинска Покрајина
there are many mountains and nearly no habitants.

Other informationsEdit

  • Driving side = right
  • Calling code = +248
  • ISO 3166 code (alpha 2) = JU
  • ISO 3166 code (alpha 3) = JUG
  • Internet TLD = .ju
  • Time Zone =
  • Climate = mainly tropical, but also seasonal

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Wheel of Fortune Edit

Radio Television of Jugska

Logo of the Radio Television of Jugska


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Sources Edit

  1. Macedonian, Albanian and Greek count to the minority languages.
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