Jesse y Joy are a pop duo from Mexico Mexico.


Ed. Place Country Song Points
#10 2nd Mexico Mexico Me Voy 174
#14 13th Mexico Mexico Corre 96
#17 8th Mexico Mexico Si Te Vas 115
#19 18th Mexico Mexico Volveré 58
#20 13th (SF) Mexico Mexico Invisible 92
Eligible to participate for

Biography Edit

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They are brother and sister and are well known for their "pop-py" sound. Their songs are entirely in Spanish. Both of them started playing music from a young age and because of that, they developed a passion for what they could do. Their work is commendably well to be recognised and their success in their homeland, of a sale of some one millions albums, proves their work has a likeable effect to many listeners.


2006 Esta Es Mi Vida
2009 Electricidad
2011 ¿Con Quién Se Queda El Perro?
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