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Jelena Rozga is a Croatian pop singer. She is also a music icon in the Balkans.

Jelena Rozga was born in Split, Croatia to parents Marija and Ante Rozga. In childhood, Rozga became a ballet dancer, and competed in various Yugoslav competitions. She later joined the ballet ensemble of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, performing in various localized productions of Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker, etc. She left her ballet career when she was given an opportunity to become a member of Magazin, a popular Croatian pop band at the time.

Jelena started her music career in 1996, when she performed the song Aha on Dora, Croatian song contest for Eurovision Song Contest, and won second place. In the same year she became singer of Magazin. Even before turning 18, she joined the group that would eventually bring her great success in the future and make her one of the most popular singers in the region. In 2006 Jelena left Magazin, but continued to work with Tonči Huljić, the founder of Magazin.

In 2006 Jelena Took part in Dora, the Croatian National song contest once more. She sang the song 'Ne zovi me Marija' and finished in 6th place.


  • Aha
  • Dobitna Kombinacija
  • Kraljica
  • Nirvana
  • Odo' Ja
  • Solo Igračica
  • Tsunami
  • Uzmem Koliko Mi Daš
  • Život Je Čudo