International World Music Contest 02

Concours International de Musique du Monde 02
Internationale Wereld Muziek Concours 02

Venue, City/Country

Brussels, Belgium Belgium


Winner of IWMC 01




New Zealand New Zealand
Sweden Sweden
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Denmark Denmark
Germany Germany
Spain Spain




01 - Eurovision Heart - 03

Welcome to the second edition of the International World Music Contest! After Gotye won the first edition, this contest will be held in AB in Brussels. Gotye and Belgium Belgium will be hosting this edition. Denmark, Germany and Spain have withdrawn, but New Zealand New Zealand, Sweden Sweden and the United Kingdom United Kingdom have debuted into the contest in their places.

Turkey Turkey have also debuted but is currently a jury, not a participant. This is the first time a country joined to be a jury. Also, ABBA will join for Sweden and the Pet Shop Boys will join for the United Kingdom.

The winner was privately announced on September 28, 2013 as both Kate Miller-Heidke's "Sarah" and Pet Shop Boys's "West End Girls" both won the contest. Their victories both prove that the contest does not allow the tie-break rules. Australia Australia and the United Kingdom United Kingdom achieved first place, while France France, New Zealand New Zealand and Sweden Sweden remained, achieving their second place. Belgium Belgium and Italy Italy have not achieved any point and are to withdraw next edition. Spain Spain will return and Turkey Turkey will debut next edition in withdrawal of Belgium and Italy.


No. Country Title Artist Score
1 Australia Australia Sarah Kate Miller-Heidke II
2 Belgium Belgium Love Kills Roberto Bellarosa O
3 France France Reunion M83 I
4 Italy Italy Alice e il Blu Annalisa O
5 New Zealand New Zealand Tennis Court Lorde I
6 Sweden Sweden Dancing Queen ABBA I
7 United Kingdom United Kingdom West End Girls Pet Shop Boys II

Notes Edit

  • This is the first time a debuting country will be the jury.
  • Both ABBA and the Pet Shop Boys mark the first time the contest went back to the 1970s and 1980s.
  • This is the first time a non-European country achieved victory. It is also the first time that more than one country achieved victory.
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