International Music Festival (also known as IMF) is an online song contest. 

International Music Festival


Germany Germany



Participated countries:


Entered songs:


Rules and countries that can borrowEdit

  1. Your song must be from your chosen country. 
  2. The artist must be from that country!! Lady Gaga can not represent Italy Italy !
  3. You can swich your country every edition but it's more realistic to keep it.
  4. Confirm always with your broadcaster: broadcaster confirms country's participation at IMF #.. for example!
  5. ESC and JESC songs are not allowed!
  6. Please try to choose original and no overused songs, that means more fun for everyone!
  7. Covers are only allowed if the lyrics are different from the original song.

Countries allowed to borrowEdit

Borrowing country Allowed to borrow from
Aland Islands Åland Islands Sweden Sweden
Andorra Andorra Spain Spain
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Denmark Denmark
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Germany Germany
San Marino San Marino Italy Italy
Monaco Monaco France France

Winners Edit

Edition Country Artist Song Points
#01 Latvia Latvia Instrumenti Pilnīgi Viens 133
#02 Sweden Sweden LALEH Some Die Young 244
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