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ImagineSongContest [1]

Imagine Song Contest (abbreviated ISC) is a song contest on YouTube. The contest is hosted by ESCJessicaUK.


The rules of the contest are quite simple.

  1. Everyone can join! However if you are caught cheating, you will be banned from the contest permanently. There are NO second chances.
  2. Currently you can only send one song per edition.
  3. The artist(s) must be from/have some relation to that country.
  4. You can send a song from whichever country you want, it does not have to be your own country. However, you cannot vote for your own song.
  5. (J)ESC songs are NOT allowed. We want different styles on music.
  6. An artist cannot enter the same edition twice. For example; Rihanna would not be allowed to represent the USA and Barbados with two different songs.
  7. Voting is in Eurovision style. 1-8, 10 and 12 points!
  8. If you do not vote, your song will be disqualified.
  9. If an artist is used in an edition, they are not allowed to be used in the next edition. For example; if Ivi Adamou is used in the 6th edition, she is not allowed to be used again in the 7th edition.

Countries that can borrowEdit

Certain artists to represent their smaller neighbours if their original country has already been taken. This will only apply for:

Country Neighbour
Belgium Belgium Luxembourg Luxembourg
Denmark Denmark Greenland Greenland
France France Monaco Monaco
Germany Germany Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Italy Italy San Marino San Marino
Spain Spain Andorra Andorra


Length of each editionEdit

Each edition of ISC usually lasts for 13 days; 3 days for each (semi) final and 1 day for wildcard battles. Sometimes editions of ISC overrun due to personal issues happening with the host, however this has only happened a few times.

ISC Editions


ISC Participating Countries

A total of 124 countries have participated in ISC so far. There have also been 762 entries and 22 winners with three countries (Sweden Sweden, Ireland Ireland and the United Kingdom United Kingdom) winning twice.

Participated = ✓
Participated = ✖


Here is a table of every single winner from each edition of ISC. It will be updated once each edition is over.

Edition Country Artist Song Points
ISC #01 Sweden Sweden Avicii "Levels" 126
ISC #02 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Nicki Minaj "Starships" 179
ISC #03 Cyprus Cyprus Ivi Adamou ft. TU "Madness" 196
ISC #04 Iceland Iceland Of Monsters & Men "Little Talks" 148
ISC #05 Greenland Greenland Jesper Nohrstedt "Glorious" 128
ISC #06 France France TaL "Le sens de la vie" 131
ISC #07 South Korea South Korea PSY "Gangnam Style" 141
ISC #08 Morocco Morocco Loreen "Sober" 206
ISC #09 Germany Germany Lena Meyer-Landrut "Stardust" 161
ISC #10 United Kingdom United Kingdom Alexandra Burke "Broken Heels" 153
ISC #11 Latvia Latvia Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida "Troublemaker" 203
ISC #12 Australia Australia Samantha Jade "What You've Done To Me" 178
ISC #13 Ukraine Ukraine Mika Newton "Come Out & Play" 164
ISC #14 Romania Romania Inna "More Than Friends" 128
ISC #15 Sweden Sweden Anton Ewald "Begging" 208
ISC #16 Ireland Ireland Demi Lovato "Heart Attack" 204
ISC #17 Norway Norway Katzenjammer "A Bar in Amsterdam" 193
ISC #18 Ireland Ireland The Wanted "Walks Like Rihanna" 187
ISC #19 Panama Panama Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc "Wake Me Up" 189
ISC #20 Italy Italy Annalisa "Alice E Il Blu" 190
ISC #21 United Kingdom United Kingdom Ellie Goulding "Burn" 167
ISC #22 Netherlands Netherlands Lisa Lois "Silhouette" 209

Special Edition winners Edit

Currently one edition of The Best of ISC has taken place. The first winner was Lena Meyer-Landrut with the song "Stardust" which won the 9th edition for Germany Germany.

Edition Country Artist Song ISC Points
#1 Germany Germany Lena Meyer-Landrut "Stardust" #9 334
#2 Ukraine Ukraine Mika Newton "Come Out & Play" #13 357

National SelectionsEdit

National selections were introduced to the 15th edition due to popular demand. All participants have the option of choosing an internal entry (chosen by themselves), or they have to option of host a national selection. National selection rules can be found here.


The jury was introduced to the 18th edition. The jury was introduced to make the contest slightly more realistic and was also introduced to help reduce neighbour/friend voting. Every 5 editions, the jury members will change. The new jury members will be decided through a poll via the forum.

Current Jury MembersEdit

Start Members
#18 Austria DJfromAustria
#20 Turkey ESCTurkeyFan67
#18 Denmark HvdstrCBfr
#18 USA kittybee124
#18 Germany xESCFR3AKx
#18 Malta xon707dbest

Former Jury MembersEdit

Start/End Members
#18/#19 United Kingdom GarytheSnailCat


Awards were introduced in the eighteenth edition of ISC. The awards are decided by the jury. There are 4 awards;

Jury AwardEdit

See also: Jury Award Winners
The Jury Award is awarded to the country which came first place in the jury rankings (final only).

NS AwardEdit

See also: NS Award Winners
The NS Award is awarded to the "best" national selection of each edition. Many factors are taken into consideration such as song content, design, winning song, etc.

Underrated AwardEdit

See also: Underrated Award Winners
The Underrated Award is awarded to the country the jury believe is the most underrated from each edition. Nominees can either be a non-qualifier or a finalist.

Originality AwardEdit

See also: Originality Award Winners
The Originality Award is a awarded to the country the jury believe is the most original entry from each edition. Nominees can either be a non-qualifier or a finalist.

User ScoreEdit

User score was introduced in the first edition of ISC. The idea of user scores is to encourage users to vote. They get + points for submitting an entry and voting, but they get - points if they do not vote.

User Score
Denmark HvdstrCBfr 226
Turkey ESCTurkeyFan67 223
Greece MrEuroVoice 212
Malta xon707dbest 209
United Kingdom EurovisionJess 200
Germany xESCFR3AKx 192
Cyprus mimisthesc 188
Austria FerryGraf 179
Belgium Hongarius 174
Poland lazloVI 169
Netherlands EurovisionGekRanking 167
Philippines Liev Artovsky 165
Lithuania TieBreak002 160
Cyprus DimitrisLoveIvi 159
Austria garameaning 158

Partner ContestsEdit

Imagine Song Contest has had a number of partner contests (some of which have now closed). A list of ISC partner contests will be listed below.

Contest Origin Host
Asian Voice Song Contest Philippines Philippines AV Song Contest
Everybody's Song Contest Denmark Denmark Playboymain1
The Future Song Contest Spain Spain Adria Puigdemont
Galaxy Song Contest Turkey Turkey ESCTurkeyFan67
Glorious Song Contest United Kingdom United Kingdom EurovisionJess
Legendary Song Contest Austria Austria garameaning
Magical Music Contest Germany Germany xESCFR3AKx
Ourvision Song Contest Sweden Sweden OurvisionSongContest
Tubevision Contest Cyprus Cyprus DimitrisLoveIvi
The Voice Song Contest Greece Greece MrGiorgos2012
Widevision Song Contest Greece Greece HopingAngels
World Wide Contest Greece Greece Jimmys1113
Worldvision Song Contest Lithuania Lithuania Naglis Antanavičius
YourVision Song Contest Serbia Serbia/Turkey Turkey LoveUnlimited10/ESCTurkeyFan67
YouVision Song Contest United Kingdom United Kingdom EurovisionJess
Active contest
Inactive contest
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