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Hearts in the Air is a song by Eric Saade that features J-Son. The song is well known for performing well in online song contests. It won the 4th edition of Ourvision Song Contest, the 5th edition of World Music Contest and the 3rd edition of Tubevision Contest for Sweden. It was the 2nd time Sweden had won WMC. Eric Saade himself had previously won the 2nd edition of World Music Contest for Sweden with the song "Made of Pop". It received the Jury Award by Ourvision Song Contest's jury.


Contest Edition Country Final
Ourvision Song Contest #4 Sweden.png Sweden 1
Tubevision Contest #3 Sweden.png Sweden 1
The Best of TVC #1 Sweden.png Sweden 12 (SF)
World Music Contest #5 Sweden.png Sweden 1
Simple Song Contest #9 Sweden.png Sweden 9
WideVision Song Contest #1 Lebanon.png Lebanon 14

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28. Latvia.png Es Gribu Vel Milet 29. New Zealand.png Unwritten
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7. Belgium.png C'est la musique 8. Cyprus.png Remembering The Summer Nights 9. Romania.png Marionette 10. United Kingdom.png This Is The Life
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25. Denmark.png Gider Dig Ikke Mer 26. Tunisia.png Avec Toi 27. South Korea.png I'll Show You
Sweden.png Sweden in OVSC
1. Release Me 2. Keep On Walking 3. Mamma Mia 4. Hearts in the Air 5. Jag kommer
6. My Heart is Refusing Me 7. 40:1 8. Dancing on My Own 9. Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg 10. Mikrofonkåt
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Sweden.png Sweden in TVC
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15. Unstoppable 16. Stormande Hav 17. One Love One Goal 19. Lovelight 20. Beautiful Life 22. Hypnotized
23. Youngblood 24. Some Die Young 25. Ikväll Skiter Jag i Allt 26. Cry for You 27. I'm in Love
Lebanon.png Lebanon in WVSC
1. Hearts in the Air