Great World Song Festival #2
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Belgium Brussels

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Germany Germany

Winner Song

Bosse ft. Anna Loos - "Frankfurt/Oder"

The second edition of the GWSF was the first edition users could submit songs to. In this edition the rules were not as strict and mature as in the following editions. There was only one Final due to the lack on entries. Later it became tradition to host the contest without Semi Finals.


Every user could give 12 points for the best, 10 points for the second best and 8 points to 1 point for the remaining songs.

Grand FinalEdit

Withdrawing countries Debuting countries
Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 USA United States Old Crow Medicine Show "Wagon Wheel" DQ 23
02 Italy Italy Nek "Instabile" 02 73
03 United Kingdom UK N-Force "All Or Nothing" 09 48
04 Croatia Croatia Petra ft. Trzan "Ajmo Plezat" 07 54
05 Malaysia Malaysia Zee Avi "Concrete Wall" 10 48
06 Russia Russia Oksana Kazakova "Berega" 06 57
07 Romania Romania Radio Killer "You And Me" 12 44
08 Estonia Estonia Greip "Vihma Loits" 04 68
09 Netherlands Netherlands Till Zuidema "Hot Night" 13 25
10 Greece Greece Giorgios Tsalikis "Apagorevmeno" 05 60
11 Germany Germany Bosse ft. Anna Loos "Frankfurt/Oder" 01 88
12 Nigeria Nigeria Ayo "I'm Gonna Dance" 11 47
13 Malta Malta Janice Debattista "Perfect Day" 03 70
14 Colombia Colombia Colombian Party Cartel "Intocable" 08 49
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