The Great World Song Festival




March 31st, 2013


Germany Germany

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USA United States






297 (GWSF #14)




Blue: Nations that have already taken part.

The Great World Song Festival (also known as GWSF) is an online song contest created by the user LuigiDan96. The current host is странник (nick). In the beginnings the contest, was a way to show off different music. From the second edition on users were allowed to participate.


  • Songs that have been used in other contests before can not enter. The source for that is the official Song Contest Wiki.
  • No ESC singers/songs (This also counts for National Selections)
  • No covers.
  • No artists that have had 'top hits' in the charts several countries. (At least two)
  • The singers have to live in their countries or be born there. If their parents are born there but not the singer himself, he can not enter.
  • The maximum number of participants is 25.
  • If you're holding a National Selection you can reserve a country. That means that your country can't be taken in the submission phase. Attention: If you don't confirm your NS winner via PM it won't be taken. Also if the 25 places are taken before you sent your entry, it is declined.
  • The winner can choose his entry first. The others have to wait until they are allowed to enter.
  • The winner can choose the next host city but it has to be in the winner country from the last edition.


GWSF Country Artist Song Points
#1 Belgium Belgium Dean "Just a few more days" 71
#2 - Brussels Germany Germany Bosse ft. Anna Loos "Frankfurt/Oder" 88
#3 - Frankfurt United Kingdom United Kingdom John Newman "Love me again" 90
#4 - Belfast Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Eivør Pálsdóttir "True Love" 94
#5 - Tórshavn Norway Norway Marthe Emilie "Your Picture" 112
#6 - Trondheim Cameroon Cameroon Myra Maimoh "Turtle Back Rock" 109
#7 - Douala Czech Republic Czech Republic David Deyl "Hry o nas" 104
#8 - Ostrava South Korea South Korea SPICA "Tonight" 120
#9 - Seoul Japan Japan Supershigi "Ballad Of The Goddess" 117
#10 - Nagoya Nepal Nepal Zascha Moktan "Like U Do" 136
#11 - Kathmandu Finland Finland LOVEX "Don Juan" 140
#12 - Jyväskylä France France Indila "Dernière Danse" 140
#13 - Paris Ivory Coast Ivory Coast Magic System ft. Chawki "Magic In The Air" 112
#14 - Abidjan France France Cassandre "Ô mon amour" 113
#15 - Chamonix TBD TBD TBD TBD

Winning UsersEdit

#1 None
#2 France Tias-Jaani
#3 United Kingdom ESCJessicaUK
#4 Germany LuigiDan96
#5 France Tias-Jaani
#6 Germany XESCFR3AKx
#7 United Kingdom GarytheSnailCat
#8 Greece eurofan2006
#9 Germany LuigiDan96
#10 Germany XESCFR3AKx
#11 Slovakia escfan13
#12 United Kingdom Shane
#13 Germany Anton
#14 United Kingdom Gareth
#15 TBD
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