Gitte Hænning (born 29 June 1946, in Århus, Denmark) is a Danish singerand film actress, who rose to fame as a child star in the 1950s.

Because her name was unusual, she was known primarily without a surname in Europe. She moved to Sweden in 1958. Her first hit in Swedish was "Tror du jag ljuger" from 1961. As a teenager, Gitte sang popular hits in German, English, Italian (4 songs: "Amo Johnny", "Parla", "La mela", and "Il ricordo", recorded on two singles), and Danish. She had five different number one hits in three countries: one in Denmark, two in Sweden, and two in Germany. Her first German number one song was "Ich will 'nen Cowboy als Mann". This recordingsold 1.05 million copies by mid 1965, earning Gitte a gold disc.

She won with Junger Tag the 96.Your Sound Contest.

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