Full Video Song Contest #5

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Arnhem, Netherlands Netherlands


Italy Italy
"Il Mondo Prima Di Te"

FVSC #5 was the fifth edition of the Full Video Song Contest which started on March 10th, 2018. Chile and China debuted in this edition and Argentina and Laos withdrew.

Final Edit

Country Artist Song Place Points
Italy Italy Annalisa "Il Mondo Prima Di Te" 01 110
Netherlands Netherlands Delain "We Are The Others" 02 90
United Kingdom United Kingdom Calum Scott "You Are The Reason" 03 88
Germany Germany Beyond The Black "Lost in Forever" 04 86
Philippines Philippines Marlisa "Stand By You" 05 81
France France Marina Kaye "Something" 06 70
New Zealand New Zealand Broods "Heartlines" 07 64
Sweden Sweden Melissa Horn "Om du vill vara med mig" 08 62
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Djeyran "Jürekke jılw" 09 49
Chile Chile Barbi Escobar "Stark" 10 47
China China Janice Yan "I Have Myself" 11 37
Spain Spain Xuso Jones "Somos" 12 30
Egypt Egypt Sylvia Yacoub "The End" 13 23
Cabo Verde Cabo Verde Ravidson "Touch It" 14 21
Mexico Mexico Río Roma ft. CNCO "Princesa" 15 12
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