Full Video Song Contest #4

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Carcassonne, France France


Netherlands Netherlands
"Glory and The Scum"

FVSC #4 was the fourth edition of the Full Video Song Contest which started on March 3rd, 2018. Cape Verde and Laos debuted in this edition and South Africa and South Korea withdrew.

Final Edit

Country Artist Song Place Points
Netherlands Netherlands Delain "Glory and The Scum" 01 93
Spain Spain Pablo Alborán "Saturno" 02 93
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan KeshYou "Rïzamın" 03 88
Sweden Sweden Robin Bengtsson "Constellation Prize" 04 75
France France Emmy Liyana "OK ou K.O." 05 72
Germany Germany Ann Sophie "Get Over Yourself" 06 66
United Kingdom United Kingdom Clean Bandit & Marina "Disconnect" 07 65
Italy Italy Lodovica Comello "Non cadiamo mai" 08 62
New Zealand New Zealand Ladyhawke "My Delirium" 09 50
Philippines Philippines Enrique Iglesias ft. Wisin "Duele El Corazon" 10 45
Egypt Egypt Shutterglass "Sleepwalk" 11 38
Cabo Verde Cabo Verde Chelsy Shantel ft. Dji Tafinha "Fatiga" 12 35
Mexico Mexico Paulina Rubio "Boys Will Be Boys" 13 34
Laos Laos Tot-Lina "Nightmare" 14 31
Argentina Argentina Lali "Soy" 15 23
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