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Full Video Song Contest #47

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Helsinki, Finland.png Finland


North Macedonia.png North Macedonia
Simona Popovska

FVSC #47 was the forty-seventh edition of the Full Video Song Contest which started on August 30th, 2019. Cyprus and Sri Lanka debuted and Jordan and Portugal withdrew.


Country Artist Song Place Points
North Macedonia.png North Macedonia Simona Popovska "Sama" 01 110
Mongolia.png Mongolia Nomuki "Starry eyes" 02 90
Armenia.png Armenia Gaby Galoyan "Hor Oror" 03 75
Ethiopia.png Ethiopia The Weeknd "Call Out My Name" 04 73
Switzerland.png Switzerland Stefanie Heinzmann "Mother's Heart" 05 70
Iran.png Iran Sevdaliza "Shahmaran" 06 66
Finland.png Finland Nelli Matula "Koske" 07 61
Croatia.png Croatia Severina "Imas Pravo" 08 61
Italy.png Italy Sara Loreni "Ancora qui" 09 61
Argentina.png Argentina Daniela Spalla "Arruinármelo" 10 57
Mozambique.png Mozambique Marllen "Taratara" 11 47
Canada.png Canada Carly Rae Jepsen "Real Love" 12 35
Cyprus.png Cyprus Ziynet Sali "Deli Divanenim" 13 32
Sri Lanka.png Sri Lanka Aspiyan "Pawan Minon" 14 18
Cambodia.png Cambodia KmengKhmer ft. Peace Chong "Komlos Tang 3" 15 12