Full Video Song Contest #41

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Trieste, Italy Italy


Croatia Croatia
"Tko mi je bio kriv"

FVSC #41 was the forty-first edition of the Full Video Song Contest which started on May 28th, 2019. Malawi and Switzerland debuted in this edition and Chad and Poland withdrew.

Final Edit

Country Artist Song Place Points
Croatia Croatia Markiz "Tko mi je bio kriv" 01 93
Switzerland Switzerland Charlie Roe & The Washing Machines "Like A Kid" 02 87
Armenia Armenia The Beautified Project "Lost Innocence" 03 82
India India The Local Train "Khudi" 04 78
Italy Italy Shanguy "Toukassé" 05 73
Canada Canada Said The Whale "Unamerican" 06 65
Finland Finland Kaija Koo "Pelkkää voittoo" 07 57
Afghanistan Afghanistan Mozhdah "Boro" 08 56
Iraq Iraq Narcy "Free" 09 56
Mongolia Mongolia Dursamj khamtlag "Khair" 10 55
Portugal Portugal April Ivy "Be OK" 11 52
Mauritius Mauritius The Prophecy "Mekanik Mo Leker" 12 49
Sweden Sweden Gee Dixon "Chikita" 13 26
Guyana Guyana Hellberg & Leona Lewis "Headlights" 14 23
Malawi Malawi Blaze ft. Achina Gatta, K Banton, Genu Waxy, Hot Cee, Caligan "Faya Mabomba" 15 18
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