Full Video Song Contest #40

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Krakow, Poland Poland


Italy Italy
Loredana Bertè
"Cosa ti aspetti da me"

FVSC #40 was the fortieth edition of the Full Video Song Contest which started on May 3rd, 2019. Afghanistan and Mauritius debuted in this edition and Libya and Tajikistan withdrew.

Final Edit

Country Artist Song Place Points
Italy Italy Loredana Bertè "Cosa ti aspetti da me" 01 110
Croatia Croatia Lu Jakelic "Prozor prema zalazu" 02 107
Mauritius Mauritius Jane Constance "À travers tes yeux" 03 87
Armenia Armenia Project LA "Searching For..." 04 81
Guyana Guyana Shaya "Éfkola" 05 62
Finland Finland Chisu "Momentum" 06 56
Canada Canada Alessia Cara "Out Of Love" 07 51
Iraq Iraq Li Dinê ft. Dashni Morad "Take Me Home" 08 51
Afghanistan Afghanistan Mozhdah "I'll be fine" 09 50
Sweden Sweden Robyn "Dancing On My Own" 10 46
Mongolia Mongolia Sainaa "Gurvan minut" 11 46
India India Sanam "Chala Jata Hoon" 12 39
Portugal Portugal Rui Andrade "Dizem Que o Amor" 13 38
Poland Poland Hazel "I Love Poland" 14 26
Chad Chad Matibeye Geneviève ft. Joss Stone "Chad" 15 20
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