Full Video Song Contest #30

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Wellington, New Zealand New Zealand


Italy Italy
"Torna a casa"

FVSC #30 was the thirtieth edition of the Full Video Song Contest which started on December 6th, 2018. Mongolia and Portugal debuted in this edition and Bangladesh and Norway withdrew.

Final Edit

Country Artist Song Place Points
Italy Italy Måneskin "Torna a casa" 01 79
Portugal Portugal Mia Rose ft. Salvador Seixas "Tudo para Dar" 02 78
Sweden Sweden Sophia Somajo "Klein Blue" 03 78
Canada Canada Charlotte Cardin "Main Girl" 04 75
India India Samantha Jade "Soldier" 05 74
Netherlands Netherlands Delain "Are You Done With Me?" 06 73
Georgia Georgia Diana Gurckaja "Ja tebja terjaju" 07 69
Mali Mali Aya Nakamura "Djadja" 08 66
New Zealand New Zealand Stan Walker & Ginny Blackmore "Holding You" 09 62
Slovakia Slovakia Mista "Catwalk Fever" 10 56
Croatia Croatia Jelena Rozga "Ostani" 11 52
Mongolia Mongolia Anu "Övlijn ülgèr" 12 51
Lebanon Lebanon Lynn Hayek "Party Language" 13 25
Bolivia Bolivia Mayte Flores "Dum Dum" 14 17
Zambia Zambia Trusly "Brave" 15 15
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