Full Video Song Contest #3

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Venice, Italy Italy


France France
Lisandro Cuxi

FVSC #3 was the third edition of the Full Video Song Contest which started on February 24th, 2018. Mexico and the Philippines debuted in this edition and Australia and the United States withdrew.

Final Edit

Country Artist Song Place Points
France France Lisandro Cuxi "Eva" 01 91
Italy Italy Elisa "No Hero" 02 83
Sweden Sweden Nano "Hold On" 03 81
Spain Spain Ruth Lorenzo "Good Girls Don't Lie" 04 75
Argentina Argentina TINI "Siempre Brillarás" 05 71
Mexico Mexico Yuridia "Cobarde" 06 69
Netherlands Netherlands Anouk "Nobody's Wife" 07 65
Germany Germany Andreas Kümmert "Simple Man" 08 59
New Zealand New Zealand The Naked and Famous "Higher" 09 52
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Ïndïra Edïl'baeva "Jarığım" 10 50
United Kingdom United Kingdom The Shires "State Lines" 11 49
Egypt Egypt Kareem Salama "Makes Me Crazy" 12 35
Philippines Philippines Sarah Geronimo ft. Hale "The Great Unknown" 13 35
South Korea South Korea Wax ft. Miseueseu Taehyeyeong  "Jeonhwa Han Beon Moshani" 14 31
South Africa South Africa Monark "Something" 15 24
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