Full Video Song Contest #20

Edition number





Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand


United Kingdom United Kingdom
Dua Lipa
"Be The One"

FVSC #20 was the twentieth edition of the Full Video Song Contest which started on August 5th, 2018. Tunisia and Vietnam debuted in this edition and Senegal and Singapore withdrew.

Final Edit

Country Artist Song Place Points
United Kingdom United Kingdom Dua Lipa "Be The One" 01 93
Slovakia Slovakia Lina Mayer "Nothing" 02 90
Georgia Georgia Tamta "Ílious kai Thálasses" 03 87
Paraguay Paraguay Arritmia "Sentir arder" 04 78
New Zealand New Zealand Jamie McDell "Moon Shines Red" 05 70
Italy Italy Francesca Michielin "Un cuore in due" 06 68
Indonesia Indonesia Gloria Jessica "Dia Tak Cinta Kamu" 07 61
Sweden Sweden Dotter "Heatwave" 08 59
Vietnam Vietnam Tóc Tiên "Walk Away" 09 57
Canada Canada Natasha St-Pier "Tous les Acadiens" 10 53
Norway Norway Una Sand "First Time" 11 45
Netherlands Netherlands Latifah "Avec Me" 12 38
Tunisia Tunisia Koxie "Garçon" 13 28
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Daylir "Madrasa" 14 23
Nigeria Nigeria J.Jamani "Forget The Night" 15 20
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