Full Video Song Contest #18

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

FVSC #18 was the eighteenth edition of the Full Video Song Contest which started on June 23rd, 2018. Algeria and Singapore debuted in this edition and Kazakhstan and Rwanda withdrew.

Final Edit

Country Artist Song Place Points
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Rotana "Daddy" 01 97
United Kingdom United Kingdom Birdy "Light Me Up" 02 91
Italy Italy Chanty "Ritornerai" 03 80
New Zealand New Zealand Ruby Frost "Water To Ice" 04 73
Norway Norway Bodin "You" 05 71
Canada Canada Laurence Nerbonne "La nuit est à nous" 06 60
Indonesia Indonesia Gloria Jessica "I Just Wanna Love You" 07 59
Slovakia Slovakia Fallgrapp "Vlasy" 08 59
Sweden Sweden Kim Cesarion "Undressed" 09 59
Netherlands Netherlands Locadia "Can't Let Go" 10 54
Singapore Singapore Inch "Simple Kind Of Life" 11 41
Paraguay Paraguay A Few Memories "Reptile" 12 34
Senegal Senegal Suadu "Mariama" 13 33
Algeria Algeria L'Algérino "Les Menottes" 14 30
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Emiliya "Kaş Ki" 15 29
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