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Eurovisn't #2 was the second edition of the Eurovisn't Song Contest. The contest was won by Sweden.png Sweden and the song "Gaining Conscience" by Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, scoring 258 points and breaking the record both for most points scored and biggest margin of victory.

The edition was held in the Toše Proeski Arena in Skopje, North Macedonia, following Star O'Rest's victory in the first edition with their song "Signature".

50 countries participated in this edition.



Eurovisn't Song Contest is a contest in which the songs aren't actual songs. The format of submissions to the contest ranges from only a song title to a full self-made track. The voting process is based mostly on strategy.

Most countries internally select their entry, while other countries hold national finals with multiple songs, wherein the other participants can help choose the best song.


50 countries participated in Eurovisn't 2. The top six of the previous edition automatically qualified to the final, while the other 44 countries were drawn into two semi-finals, consisting of 22 countries each. Ten countries qualified from each semi-final.

Semi-final allocation draw

The 45 semi-finalist countries (before Croatia's withdrawal) were drawn into 8 pots, consisting of 5 to 6 countries each.

3 countries from each 6-country pot were drawn into each semi-final, while 2-3 countries went to each semi-final from the 5-country pots.

Similarly to the first edition, Croatia were initially listed on the list but withdrew after the deadline. They were included in the draw and were drawn in the first half of semi-final one; they were retroactively removed.

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4
Pot 5 Pot 6 Pot 7 Pot 8

Returning artists

Nebunie, who represented Romania.png Romania in the first edition, returned to the contest. She performed alongside Anastasya and become the first ever returning artist in Eurovisn't. In her first participation, she narrowly failed to qualify to the final; in this edition she placed 12th in the Grand Final.

Participating countries

Semi-final 1

Andorra, Monaco and North Macedonia voted in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Germany.png Germany Poop Bee "In Your Basement" 18 30
02 Georgia.png Georgia Khv/qts/rvmi "Mountains (Into The Night)" 11 67
03 France.png France Wendie Weliémes & Kween Lengleng "French Kiss" 10 74
04 Belgium.png Belgium Bloodrose "Vengeance sanglante" 20 21
05 Turkey.png Turkey James's Friends "what the fuck james" 13 57
06 Austria.png Austria Traffic Wardens "Red Light" 22 6
07 Morocco.png Morocco Asaria "La pluietombera" 17 36
08 Spain.png Spain Anso pomada rectal "Adiós hemorroides (y hola placer)" 4 103
09 Montenegro.png Montenegro Tentacle Hentai "Car Crash (Oslobodi robove)" 1 126
10 United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Grodn Ramsy "Hel Kichen (Sosig)" 12 66
11 Hungary.png Hungary Kati Fox "What About My Knees?" 16 39
12 Slovakia.png Slovakia The W.H.L. Brothers "Liechtenstain't No More!" 2 122
13 New Zealand.png New Zealand Shorde "Nuclear Power" 19 27
14 Russia.png Russia Tessa Dgen "POP EET" 21 19
15 Israel.png ECI (Israel) Zehu Ze! "Wa Wa Wee Wa" 5 100
16 Norway.png Norway Naurway "Deadline (I Forgor)" 8 86
17 Albania.png Albania Re Kembesor "Lëkurë e lëngshme" 6 98
18 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Nikola Minajova "LET ME IN!!!" 7 98
19 Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Willow Tree "My Ass" 15 42
20 Lithuania.png Lithuania Genovaitė Paciulevičienė "Mylėjau tave" 9 78
21 Armenia.png Armenia E.R.D.O "GUNSHOT" 14 50
22 Denmark.png Denmark Vito "The Chaotic Hour" 3 105

Semi-final 2

Australia, Latvia and Ukraine voted in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Luxembourg.png Luxembourg ; (Point-Virgule) "(Why don't we) ⸘‽ [Interrobang]" 5 118
02 Finland.png Finland French Girl "Ranskalainen tyttö" 11 58
03 Iceland.png Iceland ð "Aurora Borealis (Norðurljós)" 4 119
04 Azerbaijan.png ECA (Azerbaijan) THE CONES "TRAFFIC LIGHTS" 2 146
05 Romania.png Romania Anastasya ft. Nebunie "Iubire nebuna" 7 98
06 Netherlands.png Netherlands Duncan't Laurence "Casino" 17 24
07 Kosovo.png Kosovo Mata Era Hari Rusi "Zjarr, zjarr, ujë helmues" 20 17
08 Sweden.png Sweden Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship "Gaining Conscience" 1 147
09 Cyprus.png Cyprus Maria And The Rubies "Lámpsi (λάμψη)" 19 18
10 Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Lunar Eclipse "You Are So Far Away" 14 34
11 Greece.png Greece BANANA MAN "[INSERT BANANA NOISE HERE]" 21 14
12 Slovenia.png Slovenia Nika Štrukeljika feat. BANANA BADDIE "Fruity Ass Bitch!" 13 48
13 Czech Republic.png Czech Republic Marlena "Pills" 3 124
14 Ireland.png Ireland Lile "Princess" 22 7
15 Switzerland.png Switzerland Matt Erhorn "Snake Bite" 8 91
16 Portugal.png Portugal Cadela Branca "Meu clitóris" 16 26
17 Italy.png Italy Cervinaraa "Strette mura della cittá" 10 64
18 Estonia.png Estonia Marlene Stephens feat. Põppy "Biggest Girlboss In America" 9 82
19 San Marino.png San Marino Bellissima "Vivere la vita al massimo" 12 58
20 Moldova.png Moldova Random Dogs "WOOF! BARK! HISS!" 6 108
21 Poland.png Poland Kysia "Supernova" 15 26
22 Belarus.png Belarus Hana & Vadim "Waves" 18 23

Grand Final

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Nikola Minajova "LET ME IN!!!" 22 58
02 North Macedonia.png North Macedonia Cetiri "Zmiska koža" 20 86
03 Israel.png ECI (Israel) Zehu Ze! "Wa Wa Wee Wa" 11 112
04 Italy.png Italy Cervinaraa "Strette mura della cittá" 23 58
05 Latvia.png Latvia hamster. "PERISH" 16 99
06 Romania.png Romania Anastasya ft. Nebunie "Iubire nebuna" 12 112
07 France.png France Wendie Weliémes & Kween Lengleng "French Kiss" 26 44
08 Iceland.png Iceland ð "Aurora Borealis (Norðurljós)" 4 162
09 Switzerland.png Switzerland Matt Erhorn "Snake Bite" 15 105
10 Estonia.png Estonia Marlene Stephens feat. Põppy "Biggest Girlboss In America" 21 78
11 Lithuania.png Lithuania Genovaitė Paciulevičienė "Mylėjau tave" 18 91
12 Denmark.png Denmark Vito "The Chaotic Hour" 8 134
13 Spain.png Spain Anso pomada rectal "Adiós hemorroides (y hola placer)" 7 134
14 Albania.png Albania Re Kembesor "Lëkurë e lëngshme" 19 89
15 Ukraine.png Ukraine Ukrain't Dolls "Ukrain't Hun?" 13 109
16 Luxembourg.png Luxembourg ; (Point-Virgule) "(Why don't we) ⸘‽ [Interrobang]" 10 124
17 Monaco.png Monaco Vincent & the Grenadines "Kiribati" 25 44
18 Slovakia.png Slovakia The W.H.L. Brothers "Liechtenstain't No More!" 17 94
19 Andorra.png Andorra Susannah Georgi "Vull un full" 24 47
20 Sweden.png Sweden Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship "Gaining Conscience" 1 258
21 Moldova.png Moldova Random Dogs "WOOF! BARK! HISS!" 5 152
22 Montenegro.png Montenegro Tentacle Hentai "Car Crash (Oslobodi robove)" 6 137
23 Czech Republic.png Czech Republic Marlena "Pills" 3 216
24 Norway.png Norway Naurway "Deadline (I Forgor)" 14 105
25 Australia.png Australia Kara Koori "Unna" 9 129
26 Azerbaijan.png ECA (Azerbaijan) THE CONES "TRAFFIC LIGHTS" 2 239

Other countries

Eurovisn't Committee broadcasters

As a punishment for war crimes, the following countries were handed a one-edition ban:

  • Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan participated as Azerbaijan.png ECA (Eurovisn't Committee of Azerbaijan) under a different broadcaster.
  • Israel.png Israel participated as Israel.png ECI (Eurovisn't Committee of Israel) under a different broadcaster.

Non-participant broadcasters

  • Croatia.png Croatia, who initially confirmed participation in the first edition and withdrew after the deadline, were handed a fine by the EBUn't. They attempted to return in this edition, but were forced to withdraw once more due to their inability to pay the fine.
  • Liechtenstein.png Liechtenstein, who were eligible to participate in Eurovisn't #1 but did not debut, were no longer eligible to debut in edition #2, because they were already represented as part of the Czech Republic.png Czech Republic, which annexed their territory in the days before the contest.
  • Malta.png Malta participated in the first edition but chose to withdraw from the second.
  • Ruswiaz.png Ruswiaz were originally eligible to participate in the contest, but after losing their international recognition (due to being annexed by Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan) they were no longer active member. Ruswiaz was freed, however the Ruswiazian broadcaster did not have the resources to re-apply for EBUn't membership.
  • Serbia.png Serbia were eligible to participate but once again did not confirm participation, despite expressing concrete plans to host a national final.


Semi-final 1

Jury Televote
1 Slovakia.png Slovakia 82 Norway.png Norway 55
2 Montenegro.png Montenegro 75 Turkey.png Turkey 53
3 Denmark.png Denmark 65 Israel.png ECI 52
4 Albania.png Albania 61 Montenegro.png Montenegro 51
5 Spain.png Spain 57 Spain.png Spain 46
6 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan 54 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan 44
7 France.png France 51 Lithuania.png Lithuania 43
8 Israel.png ECI 48 Slovakia.png Slovakia 40
9 Georgia.png Georgia 38 Denmark.png Denmark 40
10 United Kingdom.png United Kingdom 36 Albania.png Albania 37
11 Lithuania.png Lithuania 35 United Kingdom.png United Kingdom 30
12 Norway.png Norway 31 Hungary.png Hungary 30
13 Morocco.png Morocco 27 Georgia.png Georgia 29
14 Armenia.png Armenia 24 Armenia.png Armenia 26
15 Germany.png Germany 18 Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina 26
16 Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina 16 France.png France 23
17 New Zealand.png New Zealand 14 Russia.png Russia 16
18 Hungary.png Hungary 9 Belgium.png Belgium 15
19 Belgium.png Belgium 6 New Zealand.png New Zealand 13
20 Turkey.png Turkey 4 Germany.png Germany 12
21 Russia.png Russia 3 Morocco.png Morocco 9
22 Austria.png Austria 0 Austria.png Austria 6

Semi-final 2

Jury Televote
1 Sweden.png Sweden 88 Czech Republic.png Czech Republic 78
2 Azerbaijan.png ECA 81 Iceland.png Iceland 67
3 Moldova.png Moldova 74 Azerbaijan.png ECA 65
4 Luxembourg.png Luxembourg 64 Estonia.png Estonia 60
5 Iceland.png Iceland 52 Sweden.png Sweden 59
6 Italy.png Italy 47 Luxembourg.png Luxembourg 54
7 Czech Republic.png Czech Republic 46 Romania.png Romania 54
8 Romania.png Romania 44 Switzerland.png Switzerland 48
9 Switzerland.png Switzerland 43 Moldova.png Moldova 34
10 San Marino.png San Marino 36 Slovenia.png Slovenia 28
11 Finland.png Finland 31 Finland.png Finland 27
12 Estonia.png Estonia 22 Belarus.png Belarus 23
13 Bulgaria.png Bulgaria 21 San Marino.png San Marino 22
14 Slovenia.png Slovenia 20 Italy.png Italy 17
15 Netherlands.png Netherlands 20 Portugal.png Portugal 17
16 Cyprus.png Cyprus 18 Bulgaria.png Bulgaria 13
17 Poland.png Poland 14 Poland.png Poland 12
18 Portugal.png Portugal 9 Kosovo.png Kosovo 8
19 Kosovo.png Kosovo 9 Greece.png Greece 6
20 Greece.png Greece 8 Netherlands.png Netherlands 4
21 Ireland.png Ireland 7 Cyprus.png Cyprus 0
22 Belarus.png Belarus 0 Ireland.png Ireland 0

Grand Final

KQHDmP6 - Imgur.png

Jury Televote
1 Sweden.png Sweden 153 Azerbaijan.png ECA 134
2 Czech Republic.png Czech Republic 113 Sweden.png Sweden 105
3 Azerbaijan.png ECA 105 Czech Republic.png Czech Republic 103
4 Iceland.png Iceland 85 Spain.png Spain 87
5 Moldova.png Moldova 71 Moldova.png Moldova 81
6 Denmark.png Denmark 71 Iceland.png Iceland 77
7 Lithuania.png Lithuania 70 Australia.png Australia 73
8 Montenegro.png Montenegro 68 Montenegro.png Montenegro 69
9 Luxembourg.png Luxembourg 68 Norway.png Norway 64
10 North Macedonia.png North Macedonia 63 Denmark.png Denmark 63
11 Romania.png Romania 60 Israel.png ECI 61
12 Australia.png Australia 56 Ukraine.png Ukraine 58
13 Latvia.png Latvia 56 Luxembourg.png Luxembourg 56
14 Israel.png ECI 51 Switzerland.png Switzerland 54
15 Ukraine.png Ukraine 51 Romania.png Romania 52
16 Switzerland.png Switzerland 51 Estonia.png Estonia 49
17 Slovakia.png Slovakia 51 Albania.png Albania 44
18 Spain.png Spain 47 Latvia.png Latvia 43
19 Albania.png Albania 45 Slovakia.png Slovakia 43
20 Norway.png Norway 41 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan 37
21 Italy.png Italy 31 Monaco.png Monaco 33
22 Estonia.png Estonia 29 Andorra.png Andorra 31
23 France.png France 24 Italy.png Italy 27
24 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan 21 North Macedonia.png North Macedonia 23
25 Andorra.png Andorra 16 Lithuania.png Lithuania 21
26 Monaco.png Monaco 11 France.png France 20

Star O'Rest Awards

In the second edition of the Eurovisn't awards show (the first one under this name), four awards were given out — for Best Lyrics, Best Campaign, Best Design and the new addition Best Gala Look.

Best Lyrics

Country Song Result
Czech Republic.png Czech Republic "Pills" Nominated
Lithuania.png Lithuania "Mylėjau tave" Nominated
Sweden.png Sweden "Gaining Conscience" Won

Best Campaign

Country Artist Result
Czech Republic.png Czech Republic Marlena Won
Azerbaijan.png ECA The Cones Nominated
Estonia.png Estonia Marlene Stephens feat. Põppy Nominated
Slovakia.png Slovakia The W.H.L. Brothers Nominated
Sweden.png Sweden Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship Nominated

Best Design

Country Head of delegation Result
Australia.png Australia Caio Nominated
Czech Republic.png Czech Republic Mollie Nominated
North Macedonia.png North Macedonia Nezumi Won

Best Gala Look

Country Head of delegation Result
Albania.png Albania Imogen Won
Estonia.png Estonia Caio Nominated
Lithuania.png Lithuania Leck Nominated
Slovakia.png Slovakia Adam Nominated


The Kettle War

On 13 September 2021, in the days leading up to British national selection Please Give Us a Winner, Please Please Please #2, the BBCn't released a statement that opened with: "We're not dead, we're just waiting for the tea kettle to boil".

The heads of the Czech and Swiss delegations expressed disgust in the phrasing used, claiming that the term "tea kettle" should be substituted with simply "kettle". These claims were condemned by the Eurovisn't organisers and the head of the EBUn't, leading to outrage from several active EBUn't broadcasters.

The British forces, joined by allies from Luxembourg and Sweden, then invaded Switzerland. Several battles took place in the Czech Republic as well, but the Czech broadcaster quickly requested a ceasefire. Switzerland, who gave up a years-long pact of neutrality, attempted to retaliate but the pro-"kettle" side of the war was clearly inferior in number. Switzerland lost the war, and were threatened with having their name changed to Eurovisn't Committee of Switzerland (alternatively spelled as Committea). These threats were later proven to be empty.

Annexations of Liechtenstein and Ruswiaz

In mid-September 2021, two weeks before the contest, the Czech Republic invaded the territory of the country of Liechtenstein, which unanimously accepted the Czech government as their new leaders. Azerbaijan, who opposed the motion, decided to invade Ruswiaz (who gained full recognition by the UN't less than a month prior) and annex its area. This action caused uproar in the Eurovisn'tverse, and Azerbaijan began to lose recognition by countries around the world. As a result, they returned the Ruswiazian people their land, but the damage had already been done.

The Azerbaijani broadcaster was banned from the contest for one edition, and broadcasters ITVn't were forced to hand the broadcasting rights to ITV, who are pro-Ruswiazian independence. At first, they were told they will only be allowed to participate under the name AEC (Azerbaijani Eurovisn't Committee) and they refused, so the EBUn't switched the order of the letters to ECA (Eurovisn't Committee of Azerbaijan) which seemed like a much better deal to the Azerbaijani broadcaster for no apparent reason.

Participation of The Cones

On 7 September 2021, controversy arose when Azerbaijan announced the acts participating in their national final. The root of the controversy was one of the revealed acts — 28-member group The Cones, performing the song "Traffic Lights". The group were known to have committed several criminal offences before (most notably contract killing), and were frequently labelled by the media as a terrorist organisation.

Several of the participating broadcasters expressed fears that The Cones may attempt to murder their fellow Eurovisn't participants if they make it to the contest, and others asked for them to be disqualified altogether. However, as the acts participating in national finals are decided by the national broadcaster only, they were allowed to participate. The possibility of them winning didn't initially seem high, but due to the war in Ruswiaz, the Azerbaijani broadcaster had to be replaced, leaving the new ECA broadcaster to take over the selection system. On 11 September, it internally chose The Cones to represent the country in Skopje.

In the days leading up to the contest, five of the band's members were killed in suspicious ways — Murdered Cone, Supercone, Happy Cone, Accepted Cone and Joel Cone. Murdered Cone, the first of five to have died mysteriously, was said to have had a "suspicious stage name" that may have indicated his fate (and potentially foul play in his death). These rumours were shut down by the ECA broadcaster, who claimed Murdered was the singer's given name at birth (pronounced moor-deh-red).

The remaining members of the terrorists group arrived in Skopje on 24 September, raising safety concerns all the while becoming the big favourites to win the contest. Sources related to ITVn't heavily hinted that the deceased members of The Cones were murdered by the living members, as it was rumoured that not all 28 would be allowed to go; in reality, no Eurovisn't rule contradicts it.

On 2 October, the night of the final, the group's frontman Sad Cone passed away, although the circumstances of his death remain unclear. The rest of the band members performed in the Grand Final hours later, winning the televote but coming second, 19 points short of Sweden's Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, in the overall result.

Constant Israeli aggressions

KILL Corporation was initially confirmed as the Israeli broadcaster for Eurovisn't #2, taking the role from KAN't who sent an entry to the first edition and failed to qualify. KILL attempted to start battles against a great number of countries in the Eurovisn'tverse, which was met with opposition from many Eurovisn't broadcaster and calls to boycott Israel.

A line was crossed when the broadcaster attempted to kill Ctibor, one of the members of Slovak duo The W.H.L. (We Hate Liechtenstein) Brothers. Ctibor was medically dead, but was resuscitated on the scene. Israel also nuked Estonia the same day, though presumably by accident.

The EBUn't made the decision to punish KILL by banning them for one edition. Similarly to what happened to Azerbaijan, KILL were made to hand over the keys to the ECI Broadcasting Authority for one edition, while the country's name was changed to ECI (Eurovisn't Committee of Israel) for the edition.

Milk/Cereal War

On 22 September 2021, in response to a statement by Moldovan head of delegation Sarah saying that she pours her milk before her cereal, the Swedish army invaded the country and began attacking civilians. Their actions were backed by virtually all EBUn't countries.

Moldova were threatened with having their name changed to Eurovisn't Committee of Moldova, and a referendum was held on the matter, voting in favour of the name change, however the EBUn't eventually decided against due to harsh disagreement by the Italian and Lithuanian broadcasters.

Two active Turkish broadcasters

As the song submission deadline approached, a mistake was spotted in the list of participating broadcasters — Both TRTn't and TRTRTRTRTRTn't had submitted entries to represent Turkey at the contest, and since both broadcasters were active EBUn't members, there was no clear course of action to be taken by the EBUn't.

TRTRTRTRTRTn't were the Turkish broadcaster in Eurovisn't #1, but withdrew from edition #2 "until further notice" on 5 September. TRTn't then took the role of the Turkish broadcaster on them, but due to negligence by the EBUn't management, TRTRTRTRTRTn't were also given the opportunity to return to their previous role.

Two entries were thus received by the EBUn't, "Ain't No Sunshine (When Turkey's Gone)" by Konçita Worst and "Lower than Zero" by James Oldman. On 18 September TRTn't ultimately decided to step down, so their entry "Ain't No Sunshine (When Turkey's Gone)" was automatically withdrawn. Eventually. "Lower than Zero" was also withdrawn when James Oldman was found guilty of arson. Instead, a tribute band formed by friends of Oldman (named James's Friends) represented their country with the aptly titled "what the fuck james".

Rumours of Latvian head of delegation's death

On 21 September 2021, hours before the midnight song submission deadline, Latvia (who were automatic qualifiers in this edition) were one of five countries that had not yet confirmed their entry for the contest. The other four countries (Bulgaria, Kosovo, Romania, UK) were all scheduled to host the finals of their national selections the same evening, so suspicions arose that Latvia could miss the deadline and be forced to withdraw, thus giving their automatic qualifier spot to Luxembourg.

As the deadline approached, more and more attempts to contact the Latvian head of delegation were made, until a theory arose that the person in question may have passed away. The most recent update posted by them on social media detailed consumption of 2.0 litres (0.528 gallons) of smoothie and experiencing "consequences".

The smoothie overdose theory was debunked by the Latvian head of delegation themselves, who appeared an hour or so later, and held a rapid national final, won by hamster. and their song "PERISH".

French Girl scandal

Alexa Rambarran, better known as French Girl, was announced as a participant of Swedish national final Melodifakestivalen on 5 September. She won her semi-final and advanced to the final of the selection, widely believed to be the favourite to win the final, which was scheduled for 20 September. However, when she was announced as a participant in the nearby Finnish selection, she was forced to withdraw.

French Girl eventually won the selection in Finland and participated in Eurovisn't. In Sweden, meanwhile, her entry was performed by the Swedish head of delegation, and tied for first place, losing out in the tie-break to the eventual Eurovisn't winner due to a worse televoting result.

Withdrawal of Croatia

Croatia, who initially confirmed participation in the first edition and withdrew after the deadline, were fined for their breach of the rules. After being found incapable of paying the fine, Croatia withdrew after the deadline once more. They will not be eligible to participate in the third edition.


  1. During the draw, ECI was referred to as Israel.