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Eurovisn't #1 was the inaugural edition of the Eurovisn't Song Contest. It was held in the Avicii Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. The contest was won by North Macedonia.png North Macedonia and Star O'Rest's "Signature", scoring 194 points in the Grand Final.

The contest was watched by 127,600 people worldwide.



Eurovisn't Song Contest is a contest in which the songs aren't actual songs. The format of submissions to the contest range from only a song title to a full self-made track. The voting process is based mostly on strategy.

Most countries internally select their entry, while other countries hold national finals with multiple songs, wherein the other participants can help choose the best song.


Initially, 50 countries confirmed participation in the contest, but late withdrawals from Croatia and Slovakia set the final number of participants at 48.

All participating countries other than host country Sweden participated in the semi-final round. The 47 semi-finalists were split into two semi-finals of 24 and 23 countries, and 12 songs qualified out of each semi, making up a final of 25 countries.

Semi-final allocation draw

48 of the countries that confirmed participation in Eurovisn't (all but Kazakhstan, who never participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, and Sweden, who qualified automatically to the grand final) were split into eight pots of six countries based on their geopolitical location and their voting history in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Three countries from each pot were drawn into each semi-final, then Kazakhstan's half was drawn separately. Croatia and Slovakia then withdrew from the contest after the deadline. As they were drawn into two different semi-finals, the draw results remained unchanged.

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4
Pot 5 Pot 6 Pot 7 Pot 8

Participating countries

Semi-final 1

Countries in Bold qualified to the Grand Final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Moebius "Violet Blur" 15 50
02 Malta.png Malta Deborah C "Cables of Love" 14 51
03 Ireland.png Ireland Edith Starbux "Soy la Princespeach (Cashapp)" 21 30
04 Romania.png Romania Nebunie "I Don't Know How to Speak Russian" 17 49
05 Iceland.png Iceland Kýro Fjalla Símonsson "Sigraðir en ósigrandi" 5 91
06 Switzerland.png Switzerland Britney's Peers "Get Off My Lawn (and into My Bed)" 10 64
07 Belgium.png Belgium Mystica "Mysterie" 4 93
08 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Inzhu Akhmetova "Men Yuliya Saninanı Zhaqsı Köremin" 20 40
09 Greece.png Greece Charmolypi "Chrysí Nýchta" (Χρυσή Νύχτα) 19 44
10 Australia.png Australia Ashley Garnier "Spiders" 3 98
11 Lithuania.png Lithuania Baltija "War Cry (The Baltic Revolution)" 12 57
12 Ukraine.png Ukraine KLAM "Silent" 2 101
13 Morocco.png Morocco Leïla Mesrour and the Casablanca Princesses "Sunset on the City" 13 52
14 Andorra.png Andorra Manel & Montse "Déu-n'hi-dol" 8 74
15 Armenia.png Armenia Ivaajayjay Muchipmunkyass "Go Away" 22 27
16 Montenegro.png Montenegro What Saw feat. Boulevard & A_Mall "Venčanje u Rigi" (Венчање у Риги) 16 50
17 Netherlands.png Netherlands Magnus Eisehchersen "Moord" 24 11
18 Poland.png Poland Aleksa Starnovka "Dwie róże" 18 45
19 Cyprus.png Cyprus Elias "La Rumba" 23 21
20 Latvia.png Latvia WaterMelanie Seed "Baddest B!tch on the Farm!" 6 82
21 North Macedonia.png North Macedonia Star O'Rest "Signature" 1 114
22 Slovenia.png Slovenia Raiben "Raiben Didn't Blow Up the Boat" 7 78
23 Finland.png Finland Rikki feat. The Emeralds "She Came at Dusk" 9 69
24 Italy.png Italy Ragazzo Balcone "Erica (e il reggiseno scompare)" 11 59

Semi-final 2

Countries in Bold qualified to the Grand Final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Luxembourg.png Luxembourg Poire noire "Nêbavi yilli sân" 7 77
02 Georgia.png Georgia Mariam V & The Oximated Polyphonic Rave Project "Lurji Mtvare" (ლურჯი მთვარე) 6 93
03 Estonia.png Estonia Girls Next Window feat. Carmen "Carry õnn!" 16 45
04 Monaco.png Monaco Lucie Étienne "Sò preghêa ùrtima" 5 95
05 Turkey.png Turkey Hayal "Why Am I Here, I'm a Copy (Zoohacker Remix)" 13 51
06 Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan Suzanne Ådams feat. Mr Moo & The SOFTKISS "Happy Birthday, Hugh Janus" 1 121
07 Norway.png Norway Burning Hearts "Fallen Empires" 12 52
08 Czech Republic.png Czech Republic Nono feat. Nana "Prague Prague Prague" 19 27
09 Belarus.png Belarus Uncensored "Toxic (Make It Double)" 17 38
10 Spain.png Spain VOXFANS ft. Eden VOX & Cheesecakke "Abascal Daddy" 9 71
11 France.png France Chalamet “Le rock'n'roll ne meurt jamais“ 20 15
12 Moldova.png Moldova The Roman Way "Putin in the Coffee (Diabet)" 8 74
13 Hungary.png Hungary Rigoberta Bandini "In Greek We Call It Efiáltis" 21 14
14 Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Bell Heart to Violence "We Ain't Got No Money" 15 45
15 Israel.png Israel The Gay Cowboys "Don't Break My Heart Cowboy" 14 47
16 United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Artist/Band Name "Song Title" 3 115
17 Albania.png Albania Amalia Rusi "Pylli i ëndrrave" 10 70
18 Russia.png Russia The Squiddies "Wig Snappin' (Homophobia)" 11 64
19 Austria.png Austria Heftigkeit "Nema (That's "Amen" but Backwards)" 22 13
20 Portugal.png Portugal Ana Mendonça "Foda-se!" 4 103
21 Denmark.png Denmark The 64th Decimal of Pi feat. Kit "I Need You Back (SIKE)" 23 9
22 Germany.png Germany Shellby "Luigi" 18 37
23 San Marino.png San Marino Beretta Martinelli "Amore nel cielo" 2 116

Grand Final

The Grand Final was held live on 28 August 2021. North Macedonia won the contest with 194 points, becoming the first ever Eurovisn't champion.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Switzerland.png Switzerland Britney's Peers "Get Off My Lawn (and into My Bed)" 17 71
02 Monaco.png Monaco Lucie Étienne "Sò preghêa ùrtima" 4 166
03 Albania.png Albania Amalia Rusi "Pylli i ëndrrave" 19 63
04 Moldova.png Moldova The Roman Way "Putin in the Coffee (Diabet)" 16 75
05 Luxembourg.png Luxembourg Poire noire "Nêbavi yilli sân" 7 142
06 Ukraine.png Ukraine KLAM "Silent" 3 176
07 Andorra.png Andorra Manel & Montse "Déu-n'hi-dol" 6 150
08 Belgium.png Belgium Mystica "Mysterie" 14 93
09 Slovenia.png Slovenia Raiben "Raiben Didn't Blow Up the Boat" 8 132
10 Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan Suzanne Ådams feat. Mr Moo & The SOFTKISS "Happy Birthday, Hugh Janus" 11 111
11 Russia.png Russia The Squiddies "Wig Snappin' (Homophobia)" 22 51
12 North Macedonia.png North Macedonia Star O'Rest "Signature" 1 194
13 Iceland.png Iceland Kýro Fjalla Símonsson "Sigraðir en ósigrandi" 9 127
14 Georgia.png Georgia Mariam V & The Oximated Polyphonic Rave Project "Lurji Mtvare" (ლურჯი მთვარე) 18 71
15 Finland.png Finland Rikki feat. The Emeralds "She Came at Dusk" 25 30
16 Sweden.png Sweden The Concept of Loneliness "AAAAAAAAAA" 15 90
17 San Marino.png San Marino Beretta Martinelli "Amore nel cielo" 13 95
18 Norway.png Norway Burning Hearts "Fallen Empires" 20 54
19 Australia.png Australia Ashley Garnier "Spiders" 2 192
20 Spain.png Spain VOXFANS ft. Eden VOX & Cheesecakke "Abascal Daddy" 21 53
21 Lithuania.png Lithuania Baltija "War Cry (The Baltic Revolution)" 23 51
22 Portugal.png Portugal Ana Mendonça "Foda-se!" 10 124
23 Latvia.png Latvia WaterMelanie Seed "Baddest B!tch on the Farm!" 5 159
24 Italy.png Italy Ragazzo Balcone "Erica (e il reggiseno scompare)" 24 40
25 United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Artist/Band Name "Song Title" 12 100

Other countries

  • Bangladesh.png Bangladesh expressed interest in participating in the contest, but were not given permission to do so.
  • Croatia.png Croatia initially confirmed participation in the contest, but withdrew from it after the deadline, unable to find a suitable entry. The EBUn't posted a statement about the late withdrawal, saying that Croatian broadcaster HRT will be sanctioned.
  • Liechtenstein.png Liechtenstein were given permission to participate in the inaugural edition of the contest, but have not expressed interest in doing so, and will not debut in the contest in this edition.
  • Northern Ireland.png Northern Ireland expressed interest in participating in the contest, but were not given permission to do so and were only allowed to participate as part of the United Kingdom.
  • Ruswiaz.png Ruswiaz were rumoured to participate in Eurovisn't #1, but weren't active members of the EBUn't and therefore could not participate. The EBUn't announced on 28 August 2021, the day of the final, that Ruswiaz would be able to participate in edition #2.
  • Serbia.png Serbia were eligible to participate, but chose not to participate in Eurovisn't #1.
  • Slovakia.png Slovakia initially confirmed participation in the contest, but were forced to withdraw after failing to submit an entry on time.


Semi-final 1

Jury Televote
1 North Macedonia.png North Macedonia 69 Finland.png Finland 54
2 Ukraine.png Ukraine 55 Australia.png Australia 50
3 Latvia.png Latvia 52 Andorra.png Andorra 48
4 Belgium.png Belgium 51 Ukraine.png Ukraine 46
5 Iceland.png Iceland 51 North Macedonia.png North Macedonia 45
6 Australia.png Australia 48 Belgium.png Belgium 42
7 Switzerland.png Switzerland 41 Slovenia.png Slovenia 42
8 Poland.png Poland 37 Iceland.png Iceland 40
9 Slovenia.png Slovenia 36 Italy.png Italy 39
10 Montenegro.png Montenegro 29 Lithuania.png Lithuania 32
11 Malta.png Malta 28 Latvia.png Latvia 30
12 Morocco.png Morocco 27 Romania.png Romania 28
13 Bulgaria.png Bulgaria 27 Greece.png Greece 26
14 Andorra.png Andorra 26 Morocco.png Morocco 25
15 Lithuania.png Lithuania 25 Switzerland.png Switzerland 23
16 Romania.png Romania 21 Malta.png Malta 23
17 Italy.png Italy 20 Bulgaria.png Bulgaria 23
18 Greece.png Greece 18 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan 22
19 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan 18 Montenegro.png Montenegro 21
20 Ireland.png Ireland 17 Ireland.png Ireland 13
21 Cyprus.png Cyprus 17 Armenia.png Armenia 11
22 Armenia.png Armenia 16 Poland.png Poland 8
23 Finland.png Finland 15 Cyprus.png Cyprus 4
24 Netherlands.png Netherlands 10 Netherlands.png Netherlands 1

Semi-final 2

Jury Televote
1 San Marino.png San Marino 69 United Kingdom.png United Kingdom 60
2 Luxembourg.png Luxembourg 64 Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan 58
3 Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan 63 Portugal.png Portugal 51
4 Monaco.png Monaco 63 San Marino.png San Marino 47
5 United Kingdom.png United Kingdom 55 Georgia.png Georgia 46
6 Spain.png Spain 53 Russia.png Russia 40
7 Portugal.png Portugal 52 Norway.png Norway 39
8 Albania.png Albania 51 Moldova.png Moldova 34
9 Georgia.png Georgia 47 Monaco.png Monaco 32
10 Moldova.png Moldova 40 Turkey.png Turkey 32
11 Israel.png Israel 32 Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina 27
12 Russia.png Russia 24 Belarus.png Belarus 25
13 Germany.png Germany 22 Estonia.png Estonia 24
14 Estonia.png Estonia 21 Albania.png Albania 19
15 Turkey.png Turkey 19 Spain.png Spain 18
16 Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina 18 Israel.png Israel 15
17 Czech Republic.png Czech Republic 16 Germany.png Germany 15
18 Hungary.png Hungary 14 Luxembourg.png Luxembourg 13
19 Norway.png Norway 13 Austria.png Austria 12
20 Belarus.png Belarus 13 Czech Republic.png Czech Republic 11
21 France.png France 4 France.png France 11
22 Austria.png Austria 1 Denmark.png Denmark 9
23 Denmark.png Denmark 0 Hungary.png Hungary 0

Grand Final

Jury Televote
1 North Macedonia.png North Macedonia 115 Ukraine.png Ukraine 96
2 Australia.png Australia 115 Monaco.png Monaco 80
3 Latvia.png Latvia 111 North Macedonia.png North Macedonia 79
4 Monaco.png Monaco 86 Australia.png Australia 77
5 Luxembourg.png Luxembourg 81 Portugal.png Portugal 77
6 Slovenia.png Slovenia 81 Andorra.png Andorra 72
7 Iceland.png Iceland 81 Luxembourg.png Luxembourg 61
8 Ukraine.png Ukraine 80 Slovenia.png Slovenia 51
9 Andorra.png Andorra 78 Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan 51
10 Sweden.png Sweden 67 Belgium.png Belgium 51
11 Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan 60 Latvia.png Latvia 48
12 United Kingdom.png United Kingdom 57 Iceland.png Iceland 46
13 San Marino.png San Marino 52 United Kingdom.png United Kingdom 43
14 Portugal.png Portugal 47 San Marino.png San Marino 43
15 Albania.png Albania 47 Georgia.png Georgia 43
16 Moldova.png Moldova 43 Switzerland.png Switzerland 34
17 Belgium.png Belgium 42 Norway.png Norway 34
18 Switzerland.png Switzerland 37 Moldova.png Moldova 32
19 Lithuania.png Lithuania 33 Russia.png Russia 26
20 Spain.png Spain 32 Sweden.png Sweden 23
21 Georgia.png Georgia 28 Spain.png Spain 21
22 Russia.png Russia 25 Italy.png Italy 21
23 Norway.png Norway 20 Lithuania.png Lithuania 18
24 Italy.png Italy 19 Finland.png Finland 17
25 Finland.png Finland 13 Albania.png Albania 16

Note that Lithuania's non-qualifiers score is missing five points in this scoreboard. They stayed at 23rd place, but finished with 51 points rather than 46.

Eurovisn't 1 scoreboard.png

Additional performances

Opening acts

Semi-final one was opened by BBC Dance Radio feat. His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh, the runners-up of Swedish national final Melodifakestivalen. They performed their Melodifakestivalen entry "Never Truly Gone". Comedian Mary Sumah-Keh then asked the crowd if they were all alright, and later followed the question up with "no, you are all al-left". She was met with loud applause and a big roar from the audience.

Semi-final two was opened by international sensation The Backyardigans performing "Castaways", alongside a brief scope of the 23 participating entries of the semi-final.

The Grand Final was opened with a flag parade presenting the 25 countries that took part in it. Natasha Bogdanova then performed her song "Hello".

Interval acts

Yulia Klamina performed her song "Melodiya" as an interval act during the first semi-final intermission, after the first 12 participants took the stage. Presenter selection alum Malala Yousafzai also made a cameo at the show during the voting period, giving a speech about the Taliban, which was then succeeded by Melodifakestivalen finalist Binky from Arthur asking for the whereabouts of the State of Ohio.

After the first 12 participants of the second semi-final took the stage, Charlotte Awbery provided an intermission by performing an excerpt of "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed in a London Tube station. After all competing entries were performed, Sweden's automatically qualified entry "AAAAAAAAAA" by the Concept of Loneliness was debuted. During the voting, Yulia Klamina performed her song "Zhyva", informing the audience that she was alive and not iron. The final interval act of the night was the worldwide premiere of the song "Hellby", performed by Ukrainian representative KLAM, who qualified from the first semi-final two days prior. The song was dedicated to KLAM's step-sister Shellby, who represented Germany and participated in the second semi-final.

The Grand Final interval acts were A Very French Woman performing her global hit "Bonjour mademoiselle je porte des lunettes de soleil je veux me venger merci beaucoup je heure oui oui baguette bisous" and a PNG image of an apple.

Marcel Bezençon't Awards

The tradition of handing out awards voted on by the participants of the contest, began in this edition. Three awards were given, for Best Lyrics, Best Campaign, and Best Design, were announced during the Jury Final (then called the Preview Show), the night before the Grand Final.

This was the only instance where the awards were named the Marcel Bezençon't Awards. Starting in the next edition, they were renamed to the Star O'Rest Awards, named after North Macedonia's first representative, who received a nomination and a win in the award show, and later went on to become the first ever winner of Eurovisn't.

Best Lyrics

Country Song Result
Iceland.png Iceland "Sigraðir en ósigrandi" Nominated
Monaco.png Monaco "Sò preghêa ùrtima" Won
North Macedonia.png North Macedonia "Signature" Nominated

Best Campaign

Country Artist Result
Australia.png Australia Ashley Garnier Nominated
Latvia.png Latvia WaterMelanie Seed Nominated
Ukraine.png Ukraine KLAM Won

Best Design

Country Head of delegation Result
Albania.png Albania Imogen Nominated
Australia.png Australia Caio Nominated
Belgium.png Belgium Marios Nominated
Monaco.png Monaco Ajit Nominated
North Macedonia.png North Macedonia Nezumi Won


Slovenian national final disaster

On 19 August 2021, Slovenia opted to choose their entry via national selection process EMAAAAAAAAAA. The national selection was won by Katja and her song "I Am the Only One". Subsequently, EMAAAAAAAAAA top four Katja, Anton Lešnik, Janez Kopač and Jana Breznik went to an after-party on a boat, which exploded due to unknown reasons, killing all people on board. Raiben, who placed 5th (and last) in the selection with the song "I Am Raiben", was ultimately chosen to represent Slovenia.

During the boat party, the official Eurovisn't account on Twitter tweeted: "We hope they enjoy! And we feel bad for Raiben for missing out on all the non-fatal fun! #Eurovisnt #EurovisntSongContest #ThisShipIsProbablyNotBlowingUp". This Tweet was noted to have "aged badly" by some, and yet was never removed from the account following the catastrophe. The account later tweeted their condolences to the Slovene artists killed in the accident.

Many fans of the contest, as well as several countries' heads of delegations, noted the similarities between the incident and the plot of 2020 Netflix film Eurovision Song Contest: Story of Fire Saga, but the existence of such similarities is debatable.

Attempted assassination of top seven

In the early hours of 29 August 2021, in the aftermath of the Eurovisn't Grand Final, Slovenian representative Raiben was arrested in Stockholm after attempting to assassinate the representatives of the seven countries that placed above Slovenia, allegedly in attempt to be crowned the technical winner of the edition.

The bomb Raiven planted was defused, and Raiven was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Spanish national final controversy

On 18 August 2021, Spain chose their entry for Eurovisn't #1 in national selection process Fakestival de Benidorm. The two finalists of the selection were "EuroGuiri" by Fakevision Band and "Abascal Daddy" by VOXFANS, EDEN VOX, and Cheesecakke. "EuroGuiri" had been the overwhelming fan favourite to win the selection, but on 19 August 2021, the Spanish head of delegation at the contest named "Abascal Daddy" his favourite of the contest. "EuroGuiri" ultimately won a very closely fought final with 54% of the votes.

On the night of 19 August 2021, the Spanish delegation announced that Fakevision Band had broken the rules of the national selection and were forced to withdraw and hand the Spanish ticket to Eurovisn't. Italian broadcaster RAIn't announced that they will allow Fakevision Band to participate in their national selection Festival di Fauxremo instead, with the same song. The band placed 11th in a field of 12.

Azerbaijani withdrawal threats

On 24 August 2021, hours before semi-final one of Eurovisn't #1. tensions broke out between the heads of the Azerbaijani and Montenegrin delegations. These tensions later developed into a violent altercation, in which the Montenegrin head of delegation forced the head of the Azerbaijani delegation out of the premises of the contest.

In a fit of anger, Azerbaijan announced their withdrawal from the contest. Since it was too late to withdraw, Azerbaijan were forced to stay, and later rescinded their withdrawal.

Death of Norwegian singer

On 28 August 2021, several hours before the Grand Final of Eurovisn't, the lead singer of the Norwegian act, Gerard Wayn't, was reported dead under "suspicious circumstances" by Norwegian broadcaster NRKn't. This led Shellby, who had represented Germany with the song "Luigi", placing 18th in semi-final two, to be sworn in to replace Gerard Wayn't, upon his family's wishes. Shellby performed with the band, but remained uncredited in the final performance per EBUn't rules.

Wayn't was commemorated with a moment of silence following the final performance of the Norwegian entry.

Tensions between KLAM and Shellby

The Ukrainian representative, KLAM, was regarded a fan favourite to win the contest since well before the song submission deadline. Shortly before the deadline, Germany confirmed that they will be sending KLAM's sister Shellby to the contest. Shellby's behaviour towards KLAM was very negative, and she was noted to have verbally attacked them multiple times.

In response to Shellby's aggressions, KLAM released a single named "Hellby", about KLAM's peace-keeping approach to their relationship with their sister. During the second semi-final, KLAM tweeted "Got a DNA test everyone! She is NOT my sister!", and later went on stage to perform "Hellby" as an interval act.

Shellby ended up failing to qualify to the final, and, still holding a grudge towards her sibling, accepted the Norwegian delegation's invitation to replace vocalist Gerard Wayn't, who died of mysterious causes on the day of the Grand Final. During, the final, KLAM and Shellby reconciled and worked through their differences, and even encouraged voters to vote for the other sibling. At the end of the Grand Final, eventual second runner-up KLAM tweeted that they were "thankful of [their] sister's support".

Croatia and Slovakia withdrawal

Croatia and Slovakia were initially included on the provisional list of participants, but as Croatia withdrew after the deadline and Slovakia failed to submit a suitable entry, both countries did not eventually participate.

Incorrect Lithuanian non-qualifiers score

During the live broadcast of the Grand Final, Lithuania was announced to have received 13 points from the televote. On 29 August 2021, the day after the Grand Final, Twitter user @theotheroliver noted that five points were missing from the aggregated non-qualifiers vote tally. After a short investigation, it was found that Lithuania actually received 18 points from the televote. Despite the final placings not having changed as a result of this, Lithuania's placement with the televote changed from last to 23rd.

Jury final scoreboard technical issues

During the preview show on the eve of the Grand Final, the scoreboard was tested for the first time. There, it became apparent that after the first vote, the scoreboard's automatic sorting function would stop working. As a result, the show was paused for several minutes and then restarted. The scoreboard went on to malfunction twice more at later stages, but none of the technical issues with the scoreboard repeated during the actual show.

Grand Final audio issues

On the night of the Grand Final, severe audio issues arose when the first country to vote, Albania, was contacted. Due to feedback off the host and spokesperson's microphones and speakers, numerous crowd members complained about echoing and noise.

The issue returned twice more albeit not as strongly, and the show continued relatively smoothly.

Albanian and Moldovan scores mishap

During the third vote of the night, Belgium gave their two points to Albania and their five points to Moldova. As it happened, the five points that were supposed to be given to Moldova were instead given to Albania, causing the result on scoreboard to appear with several mistakes — Albania had 3 points more than they should have, Moldova had 5 points fewer, and Belgium's 2 points were not given.

Following clamouring from the audience, the issue was fixed ultimately fixed after the Monegasque jury gave their points, causing several shifts in the intermediate results.

Failure to contact British spokesperson

When it was time for the United Kingdom to give their points, half-way through the voting, attempts to call London were made and quickly called off. Initially, the United Kingdom were pushed forward one spot in order to continue with the show, but to no use as the British spokesperson could still not be contacted. At that point, the show was paused for several minutes.

All national juries had submitted their votes to the host broadcaster up to 10 minutes in advance, to ensure that in case of any spokesperson's absence, the points could be read aloud by the host, however the British broadcaster requested during the show that they not be skipped.

After several minutes, during which host Š repeatedly referred to the British spokesperson as "Mrs. Kingdom" to the amusement of the audience, it was determined that a connection still could not be established, and the United Kingdom were pushed three places forward in the voting order (because the asked the host not to read them on their behalf).

Failure to contact Lithuanian spokesperson

When the same issue that occurred with the British spokesperson recurred one vote afterwards, the Lithuanian jury was very quickly pushed three places forward in hopes of establishing a connection before it's their turn.

A connection was established seconds after, but their turn was already postponed.


  1. Although no country received zero points in total, Hungary.png Hungary received none from the televote and Denmark.png Denmark received none from the jury in semi-final two.