Eurovision Song Contest - Fans Club Game - Edition 3


Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavík, Iceland


Greta Salóme & Jónsi

Number Of Entries


Debuting Countries

Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Syria Syria Tunisia Tunisia

Returning Countries

Georgia Georgia Hungary Hungary Serbia Serbia

Withdrawing Countries

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina France France Israel Israel Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Luxembourg Luxembourg Montenegro Montenegro Morocco Morocco Slovakia Slovakia

Special Guest

Japan Japan

Winning Country

Georgia Georgia

Winning Song

"The Flood" by Katie Melua

Winning Player

Gathran Ansari

The 3rd edition of Eurovision Song Contest - Fans Club Game was organised in Harpa Concert Hall in Reykiavík, Iceland, following the country's victory in 2nd edition of the contest in Skopje with the song "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men.

It was the first contest held by an Icelandic broadcast. The whole show consisted of two Semi-finals and Grand Final and all of them was hosted by Greta Salóme and Jónsi, who represented Iceland in Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku with the song "Never Forget".

The winner of the contest was Georgia with the song "The Flood" performed by Katie Melua, which she got 167 points for, breaking a previous record of 152 by Kaliopi.


A structure of the contest didn't change, it remained the same since the two previous editions; two Semi-finals, with 15 qualifiers coming from each to the Grand Final. Countries from both geographical and historical Europe, with only one special guest(in this edition - Japan). Same voting system; each country had a set of points from 1-8, 10 and 12 to give. The songs chosen could be original, found and selected by players themselves, as well as the ones, which previously had taken part in Eurovision Song Contest. The running order random, after a randomization personally held by a creator of the contest.

Participating Countries

In third edition of Eurovision Song Contest - Fans Club Game, 46 countries submitted their applications for participation in the contest.

Returning Artists

Two artists, who returned after having previously participated in the contest. Kaliopi, who represented Macedonia in two previous editions of the contest, winning the first one with the song "Crno i belo" and ending 16th in second edition with a song "Poželi". Era Istrefi returned after representing Albania in second edition of the contest with the song "BonBon", failing to qualify.


Semi-final 1

Twenty three countries participated in the first semi-final. Fifteen highlighted countries qualified for the Grand Final.

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
1 Austria Austria
2 Belgium Belgium
3 Ireland Ireland
4 Estonia Estonia
5 Latvia Latvia
6 Russia Russia
7 Australia Australia
8 Sweden Sweden
9 Lithuania Lithuania
10 Albania Albania
11 Romania Romania
12 Armenia Armenia
13 Italy Italy
14 Germany Germany
15 Syria Syria
16 Portugal Portugal
17 Japan Japan
18 San Marino San Marino
19 Ukraine Ukraine
20 Finland Finland
21 Slovenia Slovenia
22 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
23 Hungary Hungary

Semi-final 2

Twenty three countries participated in the first semi-final. Fifteen highlighted countries qualified for the Grand Final.

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
1 Switzerland Switzerland
2 Denmark Denmark
3 Poland Poland
4 Turkey Turkey
5 North Macedonia North Macedonia
6 Georgia Georgia
7 Serbia Serbia
8 Bulgaria Bulgaria
9 Spain Spain
10 Greece Greece
11 Moldova Moldova
12 Czech Republic Czech Republic
13 Netherlands Netherlands
14 Monaco Monaco
15 United Kingdom United Kingdom
16 Croatia Croatia
17 Norway Norway
18 Tunisia Tunisia
19 Iceland Iceland
20 Cyprus Cyprus
21 Malta Malta
22 Belarus Belarus
23 Egypt Egypt

The Grand Final

30 countries participated in the final, with all 46 participating countries eligible to vote.

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