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Eurovision Score Contest
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Eurovision Score Contest

Created in:

1 June

Debuting Countries

Portugal Portugal
Bulgaria Bulgaria
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
Netherlands Netherlands
Russia Russia
Ireland Ireland
Sweden Sweden
Denmark Denmark
Iceland Iceland
Ukraine Ukraine
Serbia Serbia
Hungary Hungary
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
Turkey Turkey
Cyprus Cyprus
Estonia Estonia
Latvia Latvia
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Norway Norway
Switzerland Switzerland
Slovakia Slovakia
Croatia Croatia
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Slovenia Slovenia
Finland Finland

Disqualified Countries

No disqualified Countries

Host Country

Latvia Latvia

No. of countries



2003 Eurovision Song Contest at Latvia


Portugal Portugal 322 Points


Bulgaria Bulgaria 322 Points


◄1Eurovision Heart 2 ►

The Eurovision Score contest was invented when TheAmessz(Youtuber) was in Euroscoreboard 2.0 with the 2003 design on.Countries was like Yugoslavia and others.Later TheAmessz Attemped to film the #2 at Baku,But he failed,Yugoslavia ended up wining at Baku. At Baku,Yugoslavia won with 312 points,just 10 points behind the record,322 points And then the website was made:http://eurovisionscorecontest.webs Then at #3 at Zagreb after Yugoslavia's Victory the very first filming began then Greece won with 256 points and that was the lowest untill at #4 at Athens,semi finals were Introduced.And Finland won with 193 points after Yugoslavia giving 3 points to Finland,but that was a point of controversy when the Commenter (TheAmessz) Wasen't happy with Finland's victory,the commenter didn't even cheer for Finland after the last round of voting,Due to that,Yugoslavia was heavily critizized by The commenter,Yugoslavia was almost removed from the contest,but Yugoslavia is returning. The UK Has came 2nd 3 times in a row and reciving 12 points 3 times in a row,Morocco,a debuting country,Scored the worst for a debut(Next to Finland) of Nil Points.Nil Points at debut:
Morocco Morocco
Finland Finland
Lebanon Lebanon(Semi-Final)
Lebanon and Morocco was the opposite of finland and iceland,that in #3 decided to withdrawal beacuse of bad Positions(Both got Nil Points)Lebanon says that they will be Returning for the 5th contest at Helsinki,and Morocco says that as a replacement country,they will continue Morocco is a replacement country to replace Serbia and montenegro due to confusion at the 2nd semi-final,TheAmessz says that is the last time you will see Serbia & Montenegro.But Morocco just failed to have success,But morroco won't give up,Morocco said that they will be returning,Yugoslavia was Heavily insulted by the commentor,Finland won with 193 points,the lowest ever,so TheAmessz is going back to the "All countries vote" format,non-participating countries and participating countries(Belarus and Andorra for example)In the #4's second semi final,Lichenstein was debuting,but failed to make it pass the Semis,with just 45 points Liechtenstein Liechtenstein but Liechtenstein says that they will not be returning for the #5 at Helsinki,but Lebanon and Morocco will be returning for helsinki,the UK belives they will win at Helsinki

Participatng countriesEdit

26 countries participated the very first eurovision score contest,Many of these were not seen again untill #4,Luxembourg appeared again! but Slovenia and Slovakia weren't so lucky,they only appeared to replace Liechtenstein's votes and Serbia And Montegro's votes (Serbia & Montenegro)

Green-Participating Grey-Not participating


this was the 2nd highest points in the history of the Score contest,It was proven to be unbeatable,untill the UK scored 448 points,UK keeps the highest of 448 Points,greece the 3rd biggest and Finland with 193 points making it the probably unbeatable lowest,but the semi-finals beated finland's 193 points with greece wining the semis with 111 points and Armenia with 90 points

Place Country Points
1st Portugal Portugal 322
2nd Bulgaria Bulgaria 322
3rd United Kingdom United Kingdom 304
4th Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 169
5th Netherlands Netherlands 149
6th Russia Russia 135
7th Ireland Ireland 127
8th Sweden Sweden 118
9th Denmark Denmark 116
10th Iceland Iceland 113
11th Ukraine Ukraine 108
12th Serbia Serbia 102
13th Hungary Hungary 98
14th Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina 84
15th Turkey Turkey 83
16th Cyprus Cyprus 81
17th Estonia Estonia 80
18th Latvia Latvia 79
19th Czech Republic Czech Republic 77
20th Norway Norway 76
21th Switzerland Switzerland 71
22th Slovakia Slovakia 62
23th Croatia Croatia 51
24th Luxembourg Luxembourg 46
25th Slovenia Slovenia 43
26th Finland Finland 0

The results of the first one

This was the results of the 1st one

Tiebrake ResultsEdit

Due to Bulgaria and Portugal having both 322 points,a tiebreak was made

Place Country Points 12 points 10 points Points from each country
1 Portugal Portugal 322 48 0 48 of 48
2 Bulgaria Bulgaria 322 44 4 48 of 48

Finland's Nil PointsEdit

Finland's Nil points were a weird thing,and it got even weirder on the ESC #2 at Baku,having 2 Nil Points in a row.
Nil points to finland

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