Eurasiavision Song Contest 03
EASC 03 logo with motto
Country Sweden Sweden
City Gothenburg
Language English, Swedish
Presenters Sanna Nielsen, Loreen
Broadcaster SVT
Returning Italy Italy

Slovenia Slovenia
Maja Keuc - Close to you

Countries 20
The Eurasiavision Song Contest 03 was the third edition of the Eurasiavision Song Contest, held in Gothenburg, Sweden, after the victory of Sanna Nielsen and her song Rainbow in the last edition in Dushanbe. Three countries have withdraw: France, Russia and Denmark. The only returning was Italy's one. Ukraine, Austria, Estonia, Slovenia, Belgium, Croatia, Serbia and Moldova confirmed his debut. The venue choosen to held the contest was the Scandinavium. The Scandinavium was choosen for the ESC in 1985. The logo of the contest has a blue tree with its branches being taken by the wind, making music, symbolizing you can make music with anything. The motto of the contest is Wind of rythm, with themes of the nature. The flags of the participating countries are represented with a heart made with water, with the flags inside each heart. Other candidate cities to held the contest were Stockholm and Malmö, but Gothenburg was the winner. This edition has two more rules; the host country starts in the final with 10 extra points, and the ESC voting system too: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 points for the voting points system. Like in the previous edition, only one semifinal was be celebrated. The winner was Slovenia, a debuting country, with Maja Keuc and her song Close to You, finishing first with 54 points.

Participating countriesEdit

So far, there are 21 countries participating, and four of them have selected a song and an artist. If you want to to take part, select a valid country and an entry.

Country Singer/band Song Translation
United Kingdom United Kingdom Jess Glynne Right Here -
Spain Spain Natalia Jiménez Creo en mí I believe in me
Italy Italy Marco Mengoni Guerriero Warrior
Sweden Sweden Tove Lo Habits (Stay high) -
Germany Germany Sarah Connor The Impossible Dream (The Quest) -
Turkey Turkey Emir Tutuşmayan Kalmasın ?
Tajikistan Tajikistan Nigina Amonqulova Charkhi Falak ?
Netherlands Netherlands Tiësto Light Years Away -
Norway Norway Carl Espen Holding On -
Romania Romania Inna Endless -
Portugal Portugal Ana Free No Other Way -
Ireland Ireland Nathan Carter On The Boat To Liverpool -
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Madina Saduakasova Jwregime baginbaymin ?
Ukraine Ukraine Zlata Ognevich Ice and Fire -
Estonia Estonia Birgit Kolm kuud Three months
Austria Austria Hannah I halts nit aus Closing night
Serbia Serbia Marija Ugrica Zaubek bi trajalo ?
Slovenia Slovenia Maja Keuc Close to you -
Belgium Belgium SAULE Dusty Men -
Moldova Moldova Natalia Barbu Confession -
Croatia Croatia Nina Badrić Vjetrenjace Windmills



Country Place Points
Spain Spain 01 50
Moldova Moldova 02 47
Italy Italy 03 46
Slovenia Slovenia 04 45
United Kingdom United Kingdom 05 43
Ireland Ireland 06 41
Netherlands Netherlands 07 39
Tajikistan Tajikistan 08 39
Serbia Serbia 09 35
Portugal Portugal 10 33
Croatia Croatia 11 30
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 12 28
Norway Norway 13 27
Ukraine Ukraine 14 26
Turkey Turkey 15 26
Romania Romania 16 21
Belgium Belgium 17 16
Estonia Estonia 18 14
Germany Germany 19 13
Austria Austria 20 12


Country Place Points
Slovenia Slovenia 01 54
Moldova Moldova 02 43
Italy Italy 03 42
United Kingdom United Kingdom 04 40
Sweden Sweden 05 38
Ukraine Ukraine 06 33
Spain Spain 07 32
Netherlands Netherlands 08 31
Croatia Croatia 09 31
Serbia Serbia 10 30
Norway Norway 11 29
Portugal Portugal 12 29
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 13 28
Turkey Turkey 14 23
Ireland Ireland 15 12
Tajikistan Tajikistan 16 9


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