Elizabeta Domian is a Croatian Youtube star and musician alongside her twin brother Dennis Domian. She was born in Rijeka, Croatia on the 23rd of April, 1990. In one of her videos, she stated that she had spent years in Afghanistan. After quitting Youtube in 2018 she moved back to Afghanistan. In October 2019, she came back to the youtube scene, with her new channel [1], on which she uploaded 4 videos before mysteriously stopping to upload. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, her brother, Dennis, uploaded a video with her being in a hospital bed, where they revealed she had been infected with the corona virus. After that sketch, no more videos of her were uploaded, and no one knows what's happened to her.

Famous videos Edit

  • Draw my life [2]
  • The Liz Show, episode 1 [3]

Albums Edit

Skini me Edit

Skini me is her only music album, that was uploaded to Youtube on Dennis' channel on 5.12.2018. It contains 5 songs - LA Girl [5], Kuje Ljubomorne [6], Vođa Čopora [7], Nije Lako Bit' Ja [8] and Ja Kad Zavodin [9] - which is the fan favourite song. It's also the only song in the album with a music video [10], in which she stated that she is moving to Los Angeles, with Muhamed, her S.O.. After Skini me, she made a 10 month-long break from Youtube and music.

Singles Edit

  • Youtube Kraljica [11]
  • Bokić Kokić, feat. Dennis Domian [12]
  • Zvončica [13]
  • Galaxy [14]
  • Širi noge [15]
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